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Macross: Vol. 8 (2001)

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Studio: Animeigo
Genre: Anime, Mecha
Running Time: 100 min.
Languages: Japanese
Subtitles: English
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This title is currently out of print.

Episode 29 "Lonely Song"

As more and more Zentradi grow discontent with their current life, a solution must be found. Exedol reports on his findings about the history of the Zentradi and Minmay returns to Macross City. Things grow more complicated between Hikaru, Misa, and Minmay as Kamjin rounds up the disgruntled Zentradi to further his own plans.

Episode 30 "Viva Maria"

Claudia, Misa, Hikaru, Max, Milia, and Exedol are recruited to go with Britai to capture the Zentradi base that manufactures their ships. Max and Milia bring their small daughter, Komilia, along. Misa and Claudia find their own lives lacking after playing with Komilia, and Hikaru seems as confused as ever about the women in his life. The Zentradi guarding the base put up a fight after not being totally swayed by the "Protoculture." However, the Zentradi and their human allies secceed in their mission.

Episode 31 "Satan's Dolls"

The disgruntled Zentradi are now trying to steal the micloning devices. The military find themselves batttling ever-increasing numbers of Zentradi. Kamjim leads his own attack to steal a micloning device in order to return miclone-sized Zentradi back to their giant size. Exedol finally uncovers the truth about the Zentradi origins and "Protoculture." Were humans also created by the "Protoculture"?

Episode 32 "Broken Heart"

Kamjin captures Minmay and Kaifun and tries to ramsom them for a warship. Misa and Hikaru are part of a mission to rescue them. As they locate Kanjin's base, Kaifun tries to talk his and Minmay's way out of the situation by extolling the virtures of "culture." However, Kamjin and Lap'lamiz demonstrate that they know how to make their own culture. Hikaru and Misa lure Kamjin and his men away from the hostages long enough to rescue them. Minmay starts to return Hikaru's feelings, leaving Misa unsure how to espress her own feelings toward the fighter pilot.

Vol. 8 contains episodes 29-32:

  • Lonely Song
  • Viva Maria
  • Satan's Dolls
  • Broken Heart

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