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Mystery Science Theater 3000: Angels Revenge (1991-2002)

Cast: Michael J. Nelson, Michael J. Nelson, Joel Hodgson, more...
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Rating: Not Rated
Studio: Rhino Home Video
Genre: Comedies, Cult, Television, Parodies, Television Comedy, Robots & Cyborgs, Comedy TV, Cult TV
Languages: English
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Mystery Science Theater 3000: Angels' Revenge (1994)
Angel's Revenge is an inept late-'70's action flick about a group of half-bright (but full-busted) female crime fighters determined to stamp out a drug ring as they encounter a remarkable parade of past-prime actors, including Peter Lawford, Jack Palance, Jim Backus, Arthur Godfrey, and Pat Buttrum. In short, it isn't much of a movie, which means it's just perfect for the guys on Mystery Science Theater 3000, and on this video the MST3K gang of Mike, Crow, and Tom ridicule the film for all its worth, referencing any number of '70's pop culture icons along the way. ~ Mark Deming, All Movie Guide

Mystery Science Theater 3000: Cave Dwellers (1991)
As Ator and friends warm the screen in their epic romantic adventure, Joel and the 'bots sing along to the theme music of Cave Dwellers -- noting that even fantasy writers would be proud of so complex a script, complete with flashbacks that don't connect to any kind of temporal continuum. The medieval setting inspires creative costumes for the intermission sketches of Tom, Crow, and Joel, and the scientists have a travesty of their own to share in the "invention exchange." ~ Sarah Sloboda, All Movie Guide

Mystery Science Theater 3000: Pod People (1991)
Joel and the robots collaborate in imitation of the film's teenaged punk rock band, and Crow becomes a composer after being inspired by the new age music of Pod People. In the movie, the band's road trip is derailed when their friend is mysteriously killed, while a young boy has hatched a tell-tale alien egg. Trumpy, the alien speechless before given voice on MST3K, proves to possess magical powers of stop-motion animation, a derision Joel and the guys cannot resist duplicating. ~ Sarah Sloboda, All Movie Guide

Mystery Science Theater 3000: Shorts vol. 1 (2002)
The characters on Mystery Science Theater 3000 make a mockery of B-movies by ad-libbing their own dialogue and commentary, thus creating comedic masterpieces from what would otherwise have been wasted film. Shorts is a collection of shorter films -- often originally intended to be informational -- which have previously been included as precedents to full-length features on other episodes. This set contains the shorts "The Home Economics Story," "Why Study Industrial Arts," "A Date With Your Parents," "The Chicken of Tomorrow," "Junior Rodeo Daredevils," "Cheating," and "Body Care and Grooming." ~ Sarah Sloboda, All Movie Guide

Originally released as part of the second Boxed Set.

GreenCine Member Ratings

Mystery Science Theater 3000: Angels' Revenge (1994)
read reviews    New Listadd to list
7.18 (50 votes)
Mystery Science Theater 3000: Cave Dwellers (1991)
read reviews    New Listadd to list
7.48 (66 votes)
Mystery Science Theater 3000: Pod People (1991)
read reviews    New Listadd to list
7.76 (54 votes)
Mystery Science Theater 3000: Shorts vol. 1 (2002)
New Listadd to list
7.70 (63 votes)

GreenCine Member Reviews

Subterranean isn't the word! by GGoodsell December 25, 2005 - 8:36 AM PST
1 out of 1 members found this review helpful
Discounting the films of Coleman Francis of RED ZONE CUBA infamy or MANOS: THE HANDS OF FATE, this is undoubtedly the worst film to ever play MST 3000. The horrified expressions on Joel's and the 'bot's faces at the end of this feature say it all. Miles O'Keefe, cresting on the wave of his beefcake fame in Bo Derek's TARZAN starred in some sword and sandal flicks after the success of CONAN THE BARBARIAN back in 1984. This Turkish and Italian coproduction, also known as THE BLADE MASTER and ATOR 2 is the absolute dregs of this sub-genre. Made on no budget and featuring continuity errors like sunglasses on cavemen, it's a chore to sit through. The only unintentional humor to be had is the film's flamboyantly gay bud guy Gor, who sports a leather man moustache and pokes O'Keefe's pectoral muscle with his index finger in a climactic scene. The MSTie crew takes a sad song and makes it better ...

Coconuts! Melons! Get'em fresh and get'em here! by mikeftrevino November 18, 2003 - 6:16 PM PST
1 out of 1 members found this review helpful
A very good show that provides enough material to give it an above rating and many good laughs. With appearances by many beloved T.V. actors in very forgetable roles, Mike and the guys stick it to this movie. All I want to know is, where was this movie when I was a kid!?!? I'd have broken our V.C.R. if we could have rented this.

"You stepped in Trumpy dumpy" by underdog August 21, 2003 - 12:42 PM PDT
3 out of 3 members found this review helpful
One of my top 3 favorite episodes of MST, "Pod People" finds Joel and the 'bots at the top of their game. It helps that the film they are punished with is a laughably ludicrous, mucky-looking Spanish (badly dubbed into English) "ET" rip off that has about five plots, none of them make any sense, and one of them features a group of teenagers-in-a-band (including a hilarious studio recording session). Another classic moment involves the (yes he really does look like an aardvark) space alien in the kids' room doing magic (and playing with the old Simon electronic game, among other things), which leads to a hilarious parody by the MST gang during one of their breaks. The wisecracks come fast and furious and spot-on in this classic outing with the Satellite of Love.

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