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Drive-In Cult Classics, Vol. 4 (1971-1991)

Cast: Tom Benko, Patricia Wymer, Patricia Wymer, more...
Director: Terry Anderson, Robert Anderson, Jerry Sangiuliano, more...
    see all cast/crew...
Studio: BCI, a Navarre Corporation Company
Genre: Action, Classics, Cult, Drama, Science Fiction , Suspense/Thriller, Romance, Coming of Age , Adventure, Crime, Martial Arts, Mad Science, Erotica, Sexploitation, Vintage, Manhunt, Women in Prison

Drive-In Cult Classics, Vol. 4: Brain Twisters/Death Machines (Disc 2 of 4) (1991)
Brain Twisters (1991)
In this tame thriller, a university research psychologist is using computer-game software in experiments on students to investigate the possibility of covertly bringing about major changes in behavior. The company that is providing the software for very little money knows that nobody should be using it but hopes to recoup some of its development costs by getting it into colleges in this fashion. Unfortunately, the students become very violent after being exposed to the game, and the professor becomes involved in a police investigation.

Death Machines (1976)
Paul Kyriazi's martial arts action film Death Machines concerns a trio of expert fighters. A gangster doses the three of them with a mind-control drug and forces them to do his bidding. The threesome eventually ends up working for Mr. Gioretti, who assigns them to wipe out a martial arts school. One man survives the attack and swears to avenge the deaths.

Drive-In Cult Classics, Vol. 4: Chain Gang Women/The Specialist (Disc 4 of 4) (1975)
Chain Gang Women (1972)
A model prisoner and a desperate thug become unwilling partners in this low-budget action picture. Weed (Michael Sterns) is patiently waiting out the last six months of a sentence for dealing marijuana when he loses his job in the prison library and is put on a rural work gang. Weed finds himself chained to fellow prisoner Harris (Robert Lott), who is serving life for rape and murder. Angry and violent Harris is determined to escape, and when he attacks a guard, grabs a gun and goes on the run, Weed has little choice but to join him. Weed leads Harris to the home of his girlfriend Ann (Linda York), who gives the escapees a place to stay while they plot their next move. Harris shows his true colors by raping Ann while Weed sneaks into town for supplies, and when the convicts' plan to leave the state goes awry, Weed sends her away while they make their own way. Harris and Weed happen upon the home of an elderly farmer (Ralph Campbell) and his much younger wife (Barbara Mills), but while the bride is looking for a way out of her life in the country, the farmer isn't about to let the bandits take his woman. Noted exploitation kingpin Lee Frost served as writer, director and cinematographer on Chain Gang Women, which despite its title only features two women in its cast.

The Specialist (1975)
A handsome lawyer begins a passionate affair with an extraordinarily beautiful woman, not realizing that she is a paid assassin out to fulfill a contract with his name on it.

Drive-In Cult Classics, Vol. 4: The Van/Wild Riders (Disc 3 of 4) (1977)
The Van (1977)
A teenager tries to win the girl of his dreams with the hottest van in town in this '70s sex comedy. Bobby (Stuart Goetz) has just graduated from high school, but he's too preoccupied with girls to think much about his future. Bobby hasn't had much luck with the ladies, and he's convinced it's because of his lack of cool wheels, so after months of slaving at a car wash owned by Andy (Danny DeVito), he blows the money he'd been saving for college on a down payment on his dream machine: a canary yellow custom Dodge van, a bachelor pad on wheels complete with mirrored ceiling, 8-track stereo, television monitors, and (natch) a waterbed. Bobby turns his attentions to class hottie Sally (Connie Lisa Marie), who happens to be dating ill-tempered bully Dugan (Steve Oliver), while his buddy Jack urges him to date the more available Sue (Marcie Barkin), who's friends with his girlfriend, Tina (Deborah White). Andy uses the car wash as a front for his bookmaking business, and when a few bets don't go his way, he asks Bobby to lend him some money. Bobby gives Andy the cash he'd earmarked for his next payment on the van, but when Andy can't pay him back, Bobby's new van may be soon be in the hands of the repo man.

Wild Riders (1971)
Two lonely women meet a pair of thugs who turn their lives into a nightmare in this thriller. Pete (Arell Blanton) is a biker who discovers that his girlfriend has been cheating on him with another member of his gang; Pete and his best friend, Stick (Alex Rocco), decide to teach her a lesson, but instead of just roughing her up they kill her by accident. The gang banishes Pete and Stick, and they head to California to keep ahead of the law. Pete and Stick happen upon a small but luxurious home where two attractive women, Rona (Elizabeth Knowles) and Laure (Sherry Bain), are staying. Rona is married to a successful classical musician, but she's angry and frustrated by the fact he's off on tour, while Laure is unattached and looking for romance. Pete and Stick invite themselves into the mansion, and Rona recklessly allows them to stay while taking Pete to her bed. However, when Stick rapes Laure, what started out as an evening with a pair of bad boys turns into several days of torment for the unsuspecting women. Wild Riders also stars Ted Hayden and Jax Carroll.

Drive-In Cult Classics, Vol. 4: The Young Graduates/Don't Answer the Phone (Disc 1 of 4) (1971)
The Young Graduates (1971)
In this youthful drama, teenagers grow into young adults. The story centers on a young woman who falls in love with one of her teachers.

Don't Answer the Phone(1980)
This mix of drama, camp, and brutal violence is anchored by the performance of Nicholas Worth. Worth plays Kurt Smith, a sweaty, balding maniac who strangles women with a stocking, raping and mutilating them during and after death. A Vietnam veteran, Smith prowls the streets of Hollywood posing as a photographer, then sells his violent porn to sleazy smut-peddler Sam (Porky's star Chuck Mitchell). At home, Smith lifts weights and tells off his dead father, whose abuse was obviously one cause of his mania. Sometimes he calls the radio show of psychiatrist Lindsey Gale (Flo Gerrish), posing as a Puerto Rican named Ramon and asking for advice about his headaches. Dedicated cop McCabe (James Westmoreland) has no luck solving the case until Smith murders one of Dr. Gale's patients, in an unforgivably sick scene. The patient (Paula Warner) was molested by her father, which Smith overhears. When he breaks into her house that night, Smith ties her up while cooing, "Daddy loves his little girl," and pouring hot wax on her as she cries into her teddy-bear.

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Drive-In Cult Classics, Vol. 4: Brain Twisters/Death Machines (Disc 2 of 4) (1991)
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6.00 (3 votes)
Drive-In Cult Classics, Vol. 4: Chain Gang Women/The Specialist (Disc 4 of 4) (1975)
New Listadd to list
4.50 (4 votes)
Drive-In Cult Classics, Vol. 4: The Van/Wild Riders (Disc 3 of 4) (1977)
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6.43 (7 votes)
Drive-In Cult Classics, Vol. 4: The Young Graduates/Don't Answer the Phone (Disc 1 of 4) (1971)
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6.20 (5 votes)

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