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Endgame (2003)

Cast: Daniel Newman, Daniel Newman, Corey Johnson, more...
Director: Gary Wicks, Gary Wicks
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Rating: Not Rated
Studio: TLA Releasing
Genre: Foreign, UK
Running Time: 113 min.
Languages: English
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Young Tom (Daniel Newman) is a London prostitute pimped by the violently psychotic gangster Norris (Mark McGann), who regularly "offers" him to Dunston (John Benfield), a brutally corrupt detective with Scotland Yard. A tragic twist of fate frees Tom from Norris, but Dunston discovers Norris had been secretly videotaping his sessions with Tom in order to blackmail him later. Tom flees the city -- with the condemning videotape -- for a remote Welsh cottage with his American neighbors, Max (Corey Johnson) and Nikke (Toni Barry), with an enraged Dunston one step behind. ~ Buzz McClain, All Movie Guide

GreenCine Member Reviews

Extraordinary for thrilling plot, fine acting, edge of seat suspense, shocking ending by Synn December 12, 2004 - 1:32 PM PST
2 out of 5 members found this review helpful
I think my title says it all for me: Extraordinary for thrilling plot, fine acting, edge of seat suspense, shocking ending. I have to rate this film a 10 even though I saw flaws in it. I rate it at the highest because it succeeds so incredibly well as a story well told. A young man, kept. By thugs. Entangles neighbors. Hell splits open. Strong negative emotional events sweep across the screen in thrilling succession like winds of a hurricane. Relieved by brief calm moments in the eye of the storm, and only temporarily. Dark, slow, suspenseful. With a surprise twist of a finale. This film compares with the American flick of the same plot (with star actors) involving a female singer. Here such a beautiful young man broods over memories of his childhood and axe murder of his pederast father by the jealous suspicious mother. Later gets kept by sadistic older male figures (mafia and corrupt policeman types) and has to set up other gay men for their brutality. Then turns on his owner during a sex act and kills him. Then flees to American neighbors to help him escape and has a sexual fling with the wife. The young man videotaped his sex acts including the bad copy who ravaged him and who now hunts him down....[remainder of this review deleted at the request of Greencine review editor]... The end. A heroic tale.

Logic Takes a Holiday by talltale June 11, 2004 - 3:30 PM PDT
4 out of 6 members found this review helpful
ENDGAME takes the honors for being one of the most difficult movies to actually obtain for rent. I tried two different services, and it still took nearly a year at the top of one queue before--suddenly--there it was in the mail. You can imagine my excitement. If you, too, have been awaiting this hard-to-get film: beware. It's bad--stupid, sadistically violent in a way that calls to mind Iraqi prisons, and featuring some of the least believable behavior from its characters to be seen in many moons. All of this is shown up even more by the film's classy, high-budget look and some decent actors. But the logic of the behavior here is so dreadful that you'll have to suspend your disbelief even more than you might during a bad fantasy/sci-fi film. Toward the end, after much violence and death, certain characters who barely know each other begin emoting to beat the band about their love or lack of it. At this point intelligent filmgoers will grab their "remotes" and press stop--just to put this trashy nonsense out of its--and our--misery.

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