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The Dead Zone - Season 1 (2002)

Cast: Anthony Michael Hall, Chris Bruno, Dominic Louis, more...
Director: Robert Lieberman
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Rating: Not Rated
Studio: Lions Gate
Genre: Science Fiction , Sci-Fi TV, Sci-Fi TV
Languages: English
Subtitles: English, Spanish
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This weekly, 60-minute sci-fi/fantasy series was based on a novel by Stephen King, previously filmed in 1983 with Christopher Walken in the lead. Anthony Michael Hall, who (in this instance, at least) bore a remarkable resemblance to Walken, starred as schoolteacher Johnny Smith, who spent several years in a coma after surviving a terrible auto accident. Upon awakening, Johnny realized that his ESP abilities, which had been mild at best before the accident, have been amplified to an astonishing degree. In fact, Johnny now possessed the ability to read a person's mind -- and that person's future -- simply by touching hands. Naturally, this gift turned out to be both blessing and curse, depending upon the touchee. As reconceived by series creator Michael Piller, the TV version of The Dead Zone had a somewhat lighter touch than the original novel and earlier theatrical film. The series debuted June 16, 2002, over the USA cable network. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide

GreenCine Member Ratings

The Dead Zone - Season 1 (Disc 1 of 4) (2002)
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7.25 (20 votes)
The Dead Zone - Season 1 (Disc 2 of 4) (2002)
New Listadd to list
7.81 (16 votes)
The Dead Zone - Season 1 (Disc 3 of 4) (2002)
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7.56 (16 votes)
The Dead Zone - Season 1 (Disc 4 of 4) (2002)
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8.14 (14 votes)

GreenCine Member Reviews

A Little Too Dead... by revmyo July 3, 2006 - 8:32 PM PDT
Perhaps my enjoyment of this series suffered a bit from comparison with the similar, but to my mind superior, "Millenium", from the late 90's. I found the writing in "Dead Zone" to be just so-so, and the plot lines predictable. After all, there's only so much mileage to be gotten from the story of a psychically sensitive maverick in an uncomfortable but useful relationship with law enforcement. Anthony Michael Hall is genuinely talented, but I don't think he had a lot to work with, here. Regardless, it would be difficult to sustain the energy of the original film with Christopher Walken for the length of a multi-year TV series. That sort of a phenomenon seems limited to really superb television such as HBO's The Sopranos, IMHO.

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