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Holes (2003)

Cast: Sigourney Weaver, Sigourney Weaver, Jon Voight, more...
Director: Andrew Davis, Andrew Davis
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Studio: Walt Disney Video
Running Time: 117 min.
Languages: English, Spanish, French
Subtitles: Spanish
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A boy being punished for a crime he didn't commit learns there's more going on at a juvenile correctional facility than meets the eye in this comedy drama. Stanley Yelnats IV (Shia LaBeouf) is a teenager who has been told all his life that the men in the Yelnats family are cursed, thanks to a false promise his great, great grandfather made to a fortune teller. Given his frequent bad luck, and that which follows his father (Henry Winkler), Stanley has no trouble believing this. Stanley's bad luck hits a new low when a pair of sneakers literally falls out of the sky on him -- and turn out to be stolen. A judge sentences Stanley to a stay at Camp Green Lake, a juvenile correctional facility stuck in the middle of the desert, where he finds himself sharing a tent with a gang of misfits, including ringleader X-Ray (Brenden Jefferson), pushy Squid (Jake M. Smith), small but wiry Zero (Khleo Thomas), tough and stinky Armpit (Byron Cotton), paranoid ZigZag (Max Kasch), and thief-in-training Magnet (Miguel Castro). The Warden of Camp Green Lake (Sigourney Weaver) has her own ideas about rehabilitation, which consist of having the boys spend their days digging holes five feet deep under the desert sun. While well-mannered counselor Pendanski (Tim Blake Nelson) tries to help the boys however he can, Mr. Sir (Jon Voight), The Warden's right hand man, is a heartless creep who enjoys making Stanley and his friends suffer. Before long, Stanley wonders if there's a good reason why the Warden seems so curious about what (if anything) the boys find during their digging, and in time he suspects there's something they haven't been told which might be connected to the Yelnats family curse. Holes was based on the award-winning book for young people by Louis Sachar, who also wrote the film's screenplay. ~ Mark Deming, All Movie Guide

GreenCine Member Reviews

Maybe I'm officially old and jaded but... by rpmfla September 23, 2005 - 12:03 PM PDT
1 out of 2 members found this review helpful
While this is an ok effort for Disney, I felt like it could have been much better. Nothing was given any depth at all and the characters were just very slight Disney rehashes. I didn't read the book, so I don't have that going for me, but the story here seemed to float along at such a pace that the characters were left behind.
Khleo Thomas was the only actor I found the least bit interesting here, and Sigourney Weaver is barely there at all.

Perhaps for those who read and enjoyed the books, the superficial character development would be less of an issue.

Not a bad movie, but from the hype I was expecting more.

Dig this kids movie by underdog October 9, 2003 - 2:18 PM PDT
2 out of 2 members found this review helpful
Flawed but extremely likeable "kids" movie won me over with its engaging, and real, cast of mostly unknown kids -- LeBeouf in particular is a revelation -- and for its sweet-natured messages that don't hit you over the head. The story is packed with a few too many flashback threads, making it at times confusing or at least hard to consistently connect with the main plot -- and the depiction of the Old West feels a bit inauthentic (but why complain? It's a teen fable and takes that POV from the get-go). Jon Voight has a great time as the caricatured but hilarious camp manager, Weaver also has fun but doesn't go too over the top) as the Warden with a family secret, and it's also fun to see Henry Winkler, as LeBeouf's inventor dad (not that we haven't seen a bumbling inventor dad character in a kids' movie before). But it's really the kids themselves, from "Armpit" to "X-Ray" to, especially, little "Zero," who make the film, and, despite it's few, uh, holes, the story's engaging enough for the whole (uh, sorry) family.

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