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Profiler: Season 1 (1996)

Cast: Ally Walker, Ally Walker, Robert Davi, more...
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Rating: Not Rated
Studio: A&E Home Video
Genre: Drama, Television, TV Drama, Cops, Drama TV, Crime TV
Languages: English
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Season One of the intense crime drama Profiler begins as Bailey Malone (Robert Davi), head of the Atlanta-based Violent Criminal Task Force (VCTF), persuades his former colleague, forensic psychologist Samantha "Sam" Waters (Ally Walker) to come out of retirement and help his organization track down some of America's most heinous (and cleverest) serial killers. Sam possesses the strange ability to "see" through the eyes of both victim and killer at the crime scene, and had once been quite active as an FBI consultant. All this changed when a particularly elusive multiple murderer who called himself Jack of All Trades trumped Ally by murdering her father. Since that time, she has lived in seclusion with her daughter Cloe (played this season by Caitlin Wachs) and her best friend Angel (Erica Gimpel). Even so, Sam agrees to join Bailey's team, which consists of Detectives John Grant (Julian McMahon) and Nathan Brubaker (Michael Whaley), forensic pathologist Grace Alvarez (Romer Maffia), and computer hacker George Fraley (Peter Frechette). As it turns out, Sam's first case with the VCTF agains brings her in contact with Jack of All Trades, who continues to cut a homicidal swath through the country, leaving behind evidence that his ultimate "goal" is Ally herself. In fact, he begins targeting her colleagues, forcing Bailey to set up a trap for Jack using Sam and Grant as bait--a trap that backfires in a near-tragic fashion. Outside of the ubiquitous Jack, Sam tracks down such miscreants as an arsonist called Tony the Wick, a homicidal disciple of I Ching, a pro-eco serial bomber, a latter-day Charlie Manson type, a deranged artist who "arranges" the corpses of victims in the manner of famous paintings, and a vigilante who kills criminals who've evaded capture and then sends tapes of his handiwork to local TV stations. At one point, Sam is kidnapped by an anti-nuclear zealot who intends to kill a lot of people so they'll stop killing a lot of other people! Episodes highlights include "Unsolved Sovreignty", in which Sam is teamed for the first time with her future lover, ATF explosives expert Nick "Coop" Cooper (A Martinez); and "Blue Highways", wherein Bailey's dangerously rebellious 17-year-old daughter Frances (Heather McComb) makes the first of several fractious appearances. The season ends with the two-part cliffhanger "Venom", in which the life of a key member of the VCTF team hangs in the balance, while another team member quits in disgust. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide

GreenCine Member Ratings

Profiler - Season 1 (Disc 1 of 6) (1996)
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6.89 (9 votes)
Profiler - Season 1 (Disc 2 of 6) (1996)
New Listadd to list
7.33 (6 votes)
Profiler - Season 1 (Disc 3 of 6) (1996)
New Listadd to list
7.14 (7 votes)
Profiler - Season 1 (Disc 4 of 6) (1996)
New Listadd to list
7.50 (6 votes)
Profiler - Season 1 (Disc 5 of 6) (1996)
New Listadd to list
8.00 (6 votes)
Profiler - Season 1 (Disc 6 of 6) (1996)
New Listadd to list
8.20 (5 votes)

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