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X2: X-Men United back to product details

Wolverine and friends
written by rpmfla May 22, 2006 - 11:53 AM PDT
0 out of 2 members found this review helpful
The first X-Men movie had some good action and special effects, but it was the back stories of the characters that made it interesting. I usually enjoy finding out about those super heroes I grew up reading about in comics, and even get into the show Smallville for that reason. I always wanted to know how and why Lex Luthor became Superman's arch enemy.

X2 is mostly about cool special effects (best among them being the transformations of sexy mutant Mystique). The plot is very secondary here, as are most of the X-Men besides Wolverine.

Why is Wolverine the principle focus? So he has blades that come out of his hands...big deal. With all of the other spectacular abilities of the other mutants, why is he the focus? I found his character very uninteresting. DeathStrike, his female counterpart (a mutant with Wolverine's ablilities but fighting for the bad guy), was more intriguing.

Why is Anna Pacquin even in these movies? An actress of her abilities is wasted here, as is Halle Berry,
Famke Janssen, Patrick Stewart, and anyone other than Hugh Jackmann. I have nothing against Hugh Jackmann, but if they want to make a Wolverine movie, make a Wolverine movie, not an X-Men movie where everyone else has so little to do.

The best scene in the movie is the very first, with a fast paced attack on the president in the White House by a mutant called Nightcrawler (isn't that a worm?). Nightcrawler (except the name) is a very fun and interesting little demon-looking mutant who happens to be very religious.

The second most interesting character is Mystique, who is balanced quite nicely between desireable and dangerous (which really gets at the heart of what X-Men are all about anyway). She is sexy, deadly, and efficient, and gives the impression she is not completely without redemption (she just hangs with a bad crowd).

The bits and pieces of plot, which jump around without landing solidly anywhere, include self discovery, teenage love, prejudice, and various other underdeveloped themes. I haven't decided if they took one page out of a comic and expanded it into a (long) movie, or took a a huge idea and tried to squeeze it all into just over two hours. Either way, outside of some cool things to look at, I didn't get into this much at all.

I did check out how the professional critics treated this sequel and the majority, while criticising it for lack of a plot, hailed it as better than the first film. Several pointed out how the first one was "bogged down by all the back histories of the characters", and so it didn't meet their action scene quotas. They like how there was none of that here and we get just the action. I like the action and special effects, but I also like an interesting plot holding it all together.

Stay tuned for the next sequel, X3: Wolverine's Hairstyling Secrets.

Mutant prozac 2
written by markh April 5, 2004 - 1:05 PM PDT
0 out of 2 members found this review helpful
Not as forgetable as the first instalment but still a film that will not set my memories ablaze. Enjoyable but the package would have been better if I had gotten the extra features disc. The gay/aids/teen angst - mutant sub-plot was a little to "heavy" at times without actualy contributing anything to the film. I still think that Magneto should be played by a younger actor, my memories from the comics was of a lot more physical and less cerebral character, however if you dont like your action spoiled by character development or acting then this is a perfect rental.


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