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Hercules in New York back to product details

My Big, Fat Greek Demi-god
written by Dwoodwoo June 5, 2003 - 1:23 PM PDT
10 out of 10 members found this review helpful
I know what you're thinking: "What in the h*ll is a guy who owns a video service with 10,000+ titles in arm's reach doing watching 'Hercules in New York'?"

Well, life's full of guilty pleasures.

Basically, oldkingcole, csullivan and I got together to watch Children of Dune on the big screen here at the GreenCine offices. Didn't want to distract from our take-out Tu Lan dinner while watching the feature presentation so I rummaged through our collection for appropriate watch-it-and-forget-it fare. Found 'Hercules in New York' in our return pile (which means some other GC member is guilty of having seen this too), so we tossed that on. Immediate winning factors: Pretty good transfer (considering it was a 1970 B film!) and Ahn-nold is NOT dubbed -- you're getting 100%, unadulterated Ahn-noldisms in this flick. Movie starts with a winning line that goes something like "Out of the shroud of myth and history, combining into mystery..." which sent us into hysterics. 'Herc' is a fish-out-of-water buddy movie, your basic Splash!/E.T. storyline...but the joy is seeing pre-Terminator, pre-Conan, pre-Pumping Iron Anh-nold utter classic lines like "Bucks? Dough? Why are you talking about male and female deer?" Some pretty good trash-talking of Apollo too. And the romantic one-liners are a scream as well. Veteran character actor Arnold Stang gives a heartfelt performance (really!) as Anh-nold's New York buddy. To our surprise, we found this movie paced very well, esp. for a B movie, and without intending to, we watched the whole thing.

Essential viewing if you're working your way through the Ahn-nold canon -- much more enjoyable than some of the Big A's lesser movies like Commando or Red Heat. Not a B-movie with the social commentary level of, say, a Death Race 2000 or a Dawn of the Dead, but a treat nonetheless. You'd have to have a hard heart not to get a chuckle out of this one.


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