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The Weather Underground (2003)

Cast: Bernardine Dohrn, Mark Rudd, Brian Flanagan, more...
Director: Bill Siegel, Sam Green
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Studio: New Video Group
Genre: Documentary, Political & Social Issues
Running Time: 92 min.
Languages: English
Subtitles: Spanish
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Sam Green and Bill Siegel's documentary about a radical group whose stated goal was the violent overthrow of the U.S. government details a valuable chapter in the history of the '60s protest movement and leftism in America. The Weathermen were a faction of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), one of the driving forces behind the period's mass protests against social injustice and the Vietnam War. Frustrated by SDS's adherence to non-violent dissent, the Weathermen broke off and adopted a more combative approach. As the student protests ebbed in the 1970s, the group went underground and shifted tactics, embarking on a terrorist campaign against the U.S. government. For years, the Weather Underground evaded the authorities' grasp, even as it pulled off high-profile bombings against government targets. Their momentum petered out in the 1980s, as one by one the organization's members surrendered after years on the run. The Weather Underground uses extensive archival footage and revealing interviews with the surviving members to trace the group's evolution and place their actions in the context of the period's tumultuous events. ~ Elbert Ventura, All Movie Guide

"Before, it felt like a hobby to want to make the world better; now, it seems more urgent, a matter of self-defense." Sam Green and his co-director, Bill Siegel, grapple with the ways a small group of American radicals sought to bring about change in the late 60s in their Academy Award-nominated documentary, The Weather Underground. At a time when Americans are once again sharply divided over a faraway war with seemingly little purpose or hope for resolution, Jennie Rose speaks with Green about the lessons of the not-so-distant past. Full article >>

GreenCine Member Reviews

Necessary Revisionism--by the perpetrators themselves by talltale May 29, 2004 - 1:56 PM PDT
6 out of 8 members found this review helpful
2003 must have been the best year in Academy Award history for documentaries. Now that I've seen THE WEATHER UNDERGROUND, I'm wondering why it didn't win. This amazing piece of work brings together the past and the present in surprising, beautiful, sad and disturbing ways, forcing viewers to question many of their past assumptions. I am grateful to have been put through this and will rent the film again in order to listen and think even harder about what its various characters are saying. For those of us who were adult and present during the Weathermen/Weather Underground's heyday, much of what is shown here comes across as eye-opening and thought-provoking. If you purport to care about America--where it's been and where it's heading--see this film and ponder it well.

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