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Bad Doggie! No Biscuit!
written by JBellows August 17, 2003 - 6:41 PM PDT
1 out of 3 members found this review helpful
This was a beautifully choreographed film. The stunning use of scenery and high quality film textures added to the somber tone of the film. And the acting is superb. And that's why I gave this the 3.5 stars.
But not 5 stars. This film tries to be too many things and fails at all of them. Its a monster movie, wild demon dogs at that, but we never get to see them and the climax does not involve them. Its a ghost story but the ghost is the echo of a woman's dual personality. Its about a curse...except the curse turns out to be more a run of bad luck and taboo than the tomb of King Tut kind of curse. This movie was billed as a horror film but what I really saw was an exploration of a town just coming to grips with the fact that modernity can't be forced back,that encroaching materialism and greed are not forces from the city but are at the root of human nature. That by resisting change, we create our own monsters. But this is NOT what the movie promotes in the DVD description. Still, better than Ringu (hey little girl, you need glasses for that myopia...and get the hell away from the TV...and eat some spinach, you're looking a little anemic...).

A very interesting, yet poorly concluded film
written by zelpheri August 9, 2003 - 5:43 PM PDT
4 out of 6 members found this review helpful
First off, this is not your typical 'porn', nor does it appear to have any scenes worthy of the NC-17 rating. It is a typical R rated flick with a dose of horror, a dose of sexuality (topless women, and naked men's upper back -- typical of movies you see here), a dose of mystery, and a dose of cultural situations that can baffle any uninitated person.

The music and filmmaking quality is excellent and demonstrates a moderately large budget for a Japanese film. From the breathtaking outdoor scenes from the sky, to a deliberate pacing early on in the film, this movie shows such great promises.

But unfortunately, whether it may be due to my still lacking awareness of the culture behind this film, the ending series seem to be jumbled, jumping from one point to another, and making a baffled mess out of it all. Yes, there is a conclusion, but one must wonders how they really reach this point, and the justification of reaching this point.

Murder scenes were breathtakingly done, but I continue to wonders, "Why are those specific people murdered?" Specific scenes appear to be there just as a poor attempt to increase the 'horror' quotient.

A good film which suffers from poorly constructed storylines. Beautiful filmmaking, and smoothing musical score does not do much to save this.


(Average 6.04)
54 Votes
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