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His and Her Circumstances Vol. 5: Alterations and New Perspectives (2003)

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Rating: Not Rated
Studio: Right Stuf
Genre: Anime, Shojo
Running Time: 150 min.
Languages: English, Japanese
Subtitles: English, Spanish
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From Gainex (EVANGELION), with production by Toshimichi Otsuki, (EVANGELION, SLAYERS, NADESICO). chief direction and story by Hideaki Anno (EVANGELION), and character design by Tadashi Hiramatsu (EVANGELION) comes a high-tension story of the heartrending rivalries of a first love.

Yukino has finally decided she will do Aya's play, but the Culture Fest deadlines looming, not everyone is being so supportive of her determination to make her acting debut. Maho is refusing to take part, the student council members are telling her to give up, and the other clubs have already claimed all of the materials and practice space. In the midst of the turmoil, Yukino is about to uncover help from some very unexpected sources - Mr. Kawashima and... and Asaba?1?

With everyone else working hard on Aya's play, Arima is feeling alone and depressed. Yukino seems to be changing. Does she really even need him anymore?

Contains episodes 22-26!

GreenCine Member Reviews

Well worth watching by PCulp August 2, 2005 - 11:26 AM PDT
2 out of 2 members found this review helpful
His and Her Circumstances (Kare Kano) is a wonderful anime. The story and characters just seem to draw you in and keep you wanting more. No mecha or magical girls here, just a nice "slice-of-life" with high school setting. Good series for newbie or hard-core anime fans alike. Great animation (except for the last couple of episodes). Well rounded characters with real relationships and problems. While often funny there are still some very real personal issues to be dealt with (Arima's past for instance). Follows the growing relationship between main characters Yukina & Arima as well as various side relationships between their friends. Check other reviews for more details.

I will mention one thing that the other reviews may not have. This anime truly was unfinished. The rest of the story was never animated. Like many anime series His & Her Circumstances is based on a Manga (comic or graphic novel for the uninitiated). Because of this fact there are several instances where an anime has ended well before the manga, usually due to other anime projects or a really long running manga. This is the case with His & Her Circumstances. The anime ends while the manga continues. The manga is being released in English by TokyoPop. If you're like me and just HAVE to find out what eventually happens to Yukino, Arima & all their friends I would suggest reading the manga (Titled - Kare Kano).

The Only Possible Ending by ahogue March 27, 2005 - 2:17 PM PST
2 out of 2 members found this review helpful
JTurner1 has written an excellent synopsis of this final disk, and I agree that the comic book style of the final episode gets in the way. Up till this point, the show's ebulient stylistic invention always served the story, delightfully exaggerating and commenting on the action and characters.

The final episode's stylistic experiments unfortunately have the opposite effect; they distance the viewer from the story and render it less effective.

However, I do not agree that the story ends badly. I think the perception that the story just stops has to do with a few things. First, we do not see the school play that has provided the framework of the story for the last several episodes. But would it really make sense to end this series on a school play? Leaving the play out was a good decision, in my opinion.

The flawed execution of the last two episodes breaks up the narrative line and makes the final scenes with Yukino and Arima less effective, jammed in with other less important elements as they are. But if you look at where the series leaves their relationship, in the midst of growing pains and with the hint of darker times on the horizon, this is the only honest way to end the show apart from having them break up. And for all its humor, what really makes this series wonderful is its honesty.

His and Her Circumstances is extemely funny and charming, but we shouldn't overlook the fact that its portrait of young love is penetrating and rather deep at the same time. The final episode is flawed, but in spite of that the story ends perfectly.

Finally, I hope no one will avoid this series on account of a few flawed episodes. Regardless of all this, the series overall is wonderful and should not be missed.

Still as fun as always, but ends(stops?) much too soon. by JTurner1 May 28, 2004 - 6:38 AM PDT
7 out of 7 members found this review helpful
Every once in a while comes something so addicting that the last thing you would want is for it to come to an end, or abruptly stop. Even in the Anime community, you find yourself wishing that a series you love would go on, only to be disappointed that it finishes rather too soon, or with more questions than answers. Sadly, this is all too true of the final entry of His & Her Circumstances.

The first four volumes were lots of fun and a delight to watch, so what could possibly be wrong with Volume 5? Is it that the episodes are terrible? Can it be that the characters are no longer appealing? The answer to both of these questions are no. The content is as enjoyable as ever, and the characters no less appealing, from their activities, interactions, conflicts, and resolutions. The problem here is with the show's conclusion, or therefore lack of it. It starts out entertainingly: the first two episodes continue Yukino's attempts to get her friends' school play on in time for the culture festival while trying to reassure a now lonesome Arima that she cares no matter what. At the same time, Asaba continues to flirt with the ladies, irritate Arima and Yukino, and surprisingly lends a hand with the play (in addition to Mr. Kawashima). Furthermore, Takefumi Tonami's longtime rivalry with Tsubaki Sakura climaxes when he tries to hurt her for all the cruel things she's done to him, only to realize that hatred may not have been what he felt for her after all. The storylines do not feel intrusive here, but work out wonderfully (a problem that the filler episodes of Nadia suffered from, when they jammed a lot of needless garbage into a great story and almost sank it).

The real problems don't start until about three-quarters of the way through the third episode, where the show turns from a surreal dream Yukino has about helping Arima rid himself of his inner demons to a rerun of the opening theme song and a recap of all that happened from first Yukino's sisters, Mr. Kawashima, and finally, Yukino's troop of friends (including Shibahime, who complains about not having enough lines). This is so sudden and redundant that it's enough to make one wonder what the heck happened to the show where there were other points to resolve.

Matters do not improve with the next two episodes; the fourth one tells a pointless side story about a mysterious stalker tracking Yukino's sisters, while the last one is, whoa, a complete mess. No longer is the action animated, but now in the style of a comic book, with two offscreen narrators doing commentary. There's very little that is resolved here, and worse, we never get to see the play that Yukino and her friends were working hard on putting on! In other words, it just stops instead of really finishing. "The script's fine just the way it is," says one of Yukino's friends. That would have been a more accurate thing to say if the show had a more conclusive ending!

It seems that animation studio GAINAX -- or in this case, director Hideaki Anno -- displays a lot of promise when it comes to animated shows but has a share of problems when it comes to wrapping it up. Nadia started -- and finished -- wonderfully, but was plagued by a number of filler episodes which should never have been written. I realized then, that it wasn't GAINAX's fault; the distributing executives were trying to squeeze every last ounce of cash from the show and forced the poor studio into writing stuff that was irrelevant to the original plot (written by Hayao Miyazaki). Evangelion, on the other hand, got off to a decent beginning and seemed to show steady progress until the show dissolved into a mind-bending turmoil of unanswerable questions -- the folks didn't even know how they wanted to end the show, which resulted with two controversial final episodes and a theatrical attempt to recreate them (which was brilliant but flawed), causing endless confusion and still more heated debates about determining what the heck was going on. Sadly, this also applies to His & Her Circumstances; the first four volumes were fun, lighthearted, but also comprehensible. The last volume has its moments but, toward the end, turns into yet another case of nobody knowing where they wanted to take the story, much less finish it.

Too bad, because His & Her Circumstances has a lot of enjoyable things to be plagued by even one such glaring fault. That it falls into the same status of "flawed, but worth a look" status of GAINAX's other two shows is a letdown since the show stayed on its plateau much longer than its predecessors.

Not that there's nothing to recommend this volume, however. It's still fun to watch Yukino and her friends goofing off, working together, and hanging out, and the extras provided on the DVD -- which includes English Voice Actress outtakes and outrageously funny Phone Messages from the various characters (including one where Yukino tries to silence her sisters as she records her voice message) -- warrant its purchase.

As with GAINAX's other shows, His & Her Circumstances is recommended for its assets but not without its flaws, most notably its lack of providing a clear, satisfying finish for viewers or fans.

GreenCine Member Rating

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