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Smallville: Season 1 (2001)

Director: David Nutter, David Nutter
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Rating: Not Rated
Studio: Warner Home Video
Genre: Comic Books, Superheroes, Fantasy
Languages: English, French
Subtitles: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese
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Superficially, the much-anticipated weekly adventure fantasy series Smallville resembled the many cartoon and live-action adaptations of DC's old Superboy comic books, themselves spin-offs of the indomitable Siegel and Schuster creation, Superman. However, this new hour-long WB series went off on several new tangents, notably the Buffy the Vampire Slayer conceit that with special powers comes special responsibilities. The pilot episode, telecast on October 16, 2001, established the premise by showing a strange meteor crashing just outside the tiny Kansas community of Smallville in 1989. The meteor was actually a spaceship from the doomed planet Krypton, and its occupant was the planet's sole survivor, the infant Kal-El. Discovered and "adopted" by farmer Jonathan Kent (John Schneider) and his wife, Martha (Annette O'Toole), Kal-El grew into his teen years with the newly minted name of Clark Kent, his extraterrestrial origins kept secret from the rest of the community. Advised by his adoptive parents never to utilize his awesome superpowers lest his true identity be revealed, 14-year-old Clark (played by 24-year-old Tom Welling) was forced to adopt a non-athletic persona while attending the local high school. Clark's only allies were the lovely Lana Lang (Kristin Kreuk), for whom our hero carried a secret torch, and aspiring entrepreneur Lex Luthor (Michael Rosenbaum), whose life Clark had saved. Just as the soon-to-be-villainous Luthor was essentially a comic character here, so too was the young Clark Kent, miles removed from his adult "Superman" alter ego. Indeed, the series' executive producers, Michael Tollin and Brian Robbins, prided themselves on the fact that their version of Kent was never seen wearing the traditional Man of Steel cape and tights. Opening to excellent critical and audience response, Smallville ended up as one of the jewels in the WB Network's crown during its first season on the air. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide

GreenCine Member Ratings

Smallville: Season 1 (Disc 1 of 6) (2001)
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7.18 (49 votes)
Smallville: Season 1 (Disc 2 of 6) (2001)
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7.28 (46 votes)
Smallville: Season 1 (Disc 3 of 6) (2001)
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7.34 (44 votes)
Smallville: Season 1 (Disc 4 of 6) (2001)
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7.40 (43 votes)
Smallville: Season 1 (Disc 5 of 6) (2001)
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7.44 (36 votes)
Smallville: Season 1 (Disc 6 of 6) (2001)
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7.46 (39 votes)

GreenCine Member Reviews

Alternate Superboy - Fun WB Series by hamano September 11, 2003 - 12:52 AM PDT
5 out of 5 members found this review helpful
Right off, let me admit to you that I'm a fan of the following shows, which I would categorize as ranging between "cult" and "guilty pleasure". The first season of Dawson's Creek, Alias, Buffy, Angel, Roswell, X-Files, Millenium, Xena and Hercules. So now you know where I'm coming from.

Superboy Tom Welling IS quite the WB Network pretty boy - sensitive and decent. However, I really like the Lex Luthor character - a smart but troubled boy who is sinister but not yet evil. Maybe he's pushed over the edge when he finds out Kryptonite is responsible for his hair loss! Chloe is the doe-eyed girl next door that reminds me a bit of the characters Yasuomi Umetsu draws for his anime works like Kite and Mezzo Forte - frowny but curvy. She's the annoyingly ambitious reporter/editor of the school paper (my guess is that she moves to Metropolis and gets a pseudonym...Let's see...Chloe, ChLOE, LOIS??) . Then there's Lana Lang....Ahhhh she's quite the Canadian Beauty. I wonder if actress and Neutrogena CM model Kristin Kreuk has a drop of Asian or Native American blood. She's a tiny thing, but she'd be welcome in MY fortress of solitude anytime!

What I really love about the show is that Annette O'Toole is Mrs. Kent. O'Toole's pretty old now, but I've had a thing for her ever since she got scared into the swimming pool in Paul Schrader's Cat People.

The show itself has a "monster/crisis of the week" format, with 2 series-long arcs dealing with the Clark Kent/ Chloe/Lana love triangle, and Lex's curiosity about Clark's secret powers (even as Clark himself learns more about the mysteries of his origins). The setting is updated as if the spaceship bearing the baby Superman crashed to the Earth in the mid-1980's.

Besides Annette O'Toole the best things about the series are all the little inside jokes and references scattered throughout the show referring to the original comics/TV/movie franchise. In one of the first episodes, Clark goes through some kind of hazing and is tied up in a cornfield with a red letter S (for the Smallville High football team) scrawled in paint across his naked torso! Hah! Ha ha! The OP song is also hilarious. "Somebody saaaaaaaaaaave me!"

When this show started, I was prepared for it to be a disaster like Birds of Prey or the charmless Dark Angel. It turned out to be a fun, smartly written series with a gung-ho momentum. Rent it!

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