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Initial D Battle 2: Challenge: Red Suns (1998)

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Rating: Not Rated
Studio: Tokyo Pop
Genre: Anime, Action Anime
Running Time: 75 min.
Languages: English, Japanese
Subtitles: English
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ACT.4 Into the Battle!

Tak shows the spectators on Mt. Akina what he's got.

ACT. 5: Dogfight!

K.T. and Tak conclude their battle on the hairpin turns of Mt. Atkina.

ACT. 6: A New Challenger

A menacing GT-R appears to challenge the new champion.

GreenCine Member Reviews

Excellent continuation, just avoid the "Tricked Out" version by hneline1 November 30, 2003 - 6:17 PM PST
10 out of 10 members found this review helpful
Initial D! I love this anime. I love the fast cars and the Euro-beat music and the soap opera among the multitude of characters. This is my favorite car-centric story, animated or live-action, and my second favorite anime of all time (Berserk is still number one). Even if you are not car-obsessed, Initial D is a great anime if you want a well-done action drama based on real-life skills which explores teens growing up.

In this second DVD volume, episodes 4 to 6, FINALLY we see the downhill race between Takumi in his 86 and Keisuke in his FD3S. One thing about the Initial D series, there are plenty of races but the major ones build up over several episodes -- the build up is wonderful and creates motivation for the battle, but it's frustrating that Tokyopop is releasing this series so slowly. In these episodes, I like how Takumi slowly begins to explore his own feelings about driving and his feelings about Natsuki. For the more racing-obsessed, we also see the setup for the next challenge: Takeshi Nakazato of the Myogi Nightkids who feels that grip racing with his 4WD Skyline GT-R is the better method than drift racing in a FR (rear wheel drive).

Also, keep in mind that I'm continuing to rave about the Japanese language version, or what Tokyopop calls the "Import Classic" version on the DVD. The English dub is called the "Tricked Out" version and it continues to be awful. The new music doesn't match the feeling of the battles, the bad language is out of place, there are stupid visual fades and wipes, Iggy is pathetic, Takumi has a different personality, and on and on. I watched all three episodes over again in the "Tricked Out" version and the worst thing is that the translation is warped -- there are subtle changes in the dialog that change the personalities of the main characters or change plot elements. For example, when Cole (Iketani) is praising Takumi's skill, in the Japanese version he focuses on Takumi's speed while in the English version he talks about Takumi's potential fame. When KT (Keisuke) can't believe that Takumi is catching up to him in the battle and wonders whether his car is slower than usual, in the Japanese version we learn that it's just Keisuke's perception while in the English version KT says that his second turbine is choppy. Ugh. I can forgive the funny slang in the "Tricked Out" version, but I can't forgive changing the story!!!

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