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Dead Alive (1992)

Cast: Timothy Balme, Timothy Balme, Diana Penalver, more...
Director: Peter Jackson, Peter Jackson
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Rating: Not Rated
Studio: Lions Gate
Genre: Comedies, Cult, Foreign, Horror, Camp, Zombies, Cannibals, Australia & New Zealand
Running Time: 97 min.
Languages: English
Subtitles: English, Spanish, French
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Director Peter Jackson's second feature cheerfully trumps the gross-out quotient of his splatterfest debut, the appropriately named Bad Taste. The tone is cartoonishly comic, and the premise is simple: The village dweeb (Timothy Balme) is trying to maintain a budding romance with the sweet Paquita (Diana Penalver) while concealing the fact that his overbearing mum (Elizabeth Moody, in an amazing good-sport performance) is a flesh-eating zombie. (She owes her condition to a bite from a "Sumatran Rat Monkey" at the local zoo.) Complicating matters even further is Les, a greedy uncle (Ian Watkin), who suspects that his sister has died and is eager to occupy her elegantly furnished Victorian mansion. The climax is a housewarming party Les throws to celebrate his "inheritance;" what he really gets is his comeuppance, thanks to his sister and her similarly afflicted zombie pals, who burst out of their basement prison to turn the guests into appetizers. Our hero finally cuts a wide swath through the zombie party crashers with the help of a rotary blade lawn mower, leaving the house awash in blood and body parts in order to save his romance. ~ Tom Wiener, All Movie Guide

GreenCine Member Reviews

Where's Bruce? by BrodiesGirl June 26, 2003 - 12:31 AM PDT
8 out of 9 members found this review helpful
Love love love this movie! Within the first few minutes of watching, it became one of my all time favorite horror movies. To fill people in on the plot, it has something to do with an evil zombie virus that contaminates a monkey, monkey gets shipped to a zoo, monkey bites main character's mother, blah blah blah. This isn't Outbreak, it's far better than that, hehe.

Seriously. The plot doesn't really matter. The way it's exectuted is fantastic. And although it's a fairly low budget movie, it looks very slick and high-budget, a major reason I think this is such a widely-loved movie.

Another much-loved aspect of the movie is the crazy humor which includes an ass-kicking priest, an insane zombie baby, and one of the longest, bloodiest, funniest battles against an army of zombies EVER.
And while the star, Timothy Balme, does a fantastic job, part of me wishes that Bruce Campbell could have been from New Zealand.

Seek out uncut version by JLiss January 16, 2003 - 12:26 PM PST
5 out of 6 members found this review helpful
The uncut version of this (Braindead) is worth seeking out, unfortunately it seems that one has to do so on VHS. You may enjoy Dead Alive, but major gore is cut. The cuts made to this American version are very awkward and disturb the rhythm of what is a masterfully put together movie.

LORD OF THE GORE! by WAkers December 18, 2002 - 9:11 AM PST
8 out of 9 members found this review helpful
Long before Lord of the Rings (and a few years after the equally fun, but much lower budget "Bad Taste") Peter Jackson made Braindead (known in the US as "Dead Alive," although even the US Unrated version has had about 10 or 15 minutes cut from it. The full uncut version is available in a Region 2 Pal DVD only.)

Chock full of great gore, kung-fu priests, nazis, rat monkeys, and some FANTASTIC sight gags; Dead Alive continues to be my favorite Peter Jackson movie. Made in the early 90's but still looks great, not dated at all and a great party movie.

For the Lord of the Rings fan boys that haven't checked out any of Jackson's earlier work, this is DEFINITELY worth putting in the queue -- fuck that, THIS IS WORTH BUYING!

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a study in gore
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