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Once Upon a Time in Mexico back to product details

Phantom of the opera meets natural born killers
written by Sujata December 31, 2006 - 9:52 PM PST
1 out of 1 members found this review helpful
This movie wants to be a Mexican 'Pulp Fiction'. But where that excellent film treads the fine line between violence, theater, and tongue-in-cheek humor like a virtuoso, this one flounders. The scenes look glorious, but beautiful locales can only take you so far. The story lacks any kind of conviction, while at the same time being too self-important for campy fun. Imagine Enrique Iglesias as one tough mariachi dude killing the bad guys with a flame thrower hidden in his guitar case. Yes, it's that bad! In a word, godawful.

Not Worth The Effort
written by villain April 10, 2004 - 2:40 AM PDT
2 out of 5 members found this review helpful
Complete disappointment! Not enough of Salma Hayek first of all. Boring script. And Enrique Iglesias as a "tough guy" Mariachi! Give me a damn break.

The only saving grace is Johnny Depp who kicks butt as always.

To add to ColonelKong's excellent review...
written by larbeck January 26, 2004 - 10:32 AM PST
2 out of 3 members found this review helpful
I saw the film twice in the theater and I am a Rodriguez fan, without a doubt. And I believe this film proves that HiDef video has arrived! I did read some criticism of the garish colours in the scenery, especially in the streets of "Mexico City". But what these bakas did not realize that it was filmed in San Miguel de Allende and after spending a week there in the summer, in the clear mountain air, actually the colours seem a bit MUTED from the reality!!!

San Miguel, rawks, by the way, if you ever want to visit the Mexican interior.

"Are you a MexiCAN or a MexiCAN'T?"
written by ColonelKong January 25, 2004 - 8:49 AM PST
7 out of 9 members found this review helpful
The opening credits identify Once Upon a Time in Mexico as "A Robert Rodriguez Flick" that was "Shot, Chopped, and Scored" by it's director, and I think that sums up the fun, unpretentious nature of the movie pretty well. It's a little bit messy in a way, it keeps jumping between several different characters (and Johnny Depp very nearly steals the movie from Antonio Banderas, I'd love to see a spinoff movie with Agent Sands), but I see that as part of the fun, and I don't think that the plot is really as complicated as it seems. I could imagine people like Tsui Hark or Johnnie To & Wai Ka Fai making a somewhat similar film in Hong Kong [El Mariachi was mentioned by one of the characters in Fulltime Killer]. In a lot of ways, this movie feels like what you'd get if a action movie junkie were let loose with HD cameras and plenty of creative freedom to shoot his own in Mexico for about five weeks, which is pretty much what happened. I think that this is my favorite Rodriguez movie so far, and I think that this movie make any fan of El Mariachi and Desperado do a dozen backflips.

I get bored with a lot of DVD extras, but I enjoyed the featurettes on this disc quite a bit, and you may learn a thing or two about filmmaking from watching them. I thought that the special effects featurette and the "10 Minute Flick School" (a bit of a misnomer, since it's only about 9) were particularly interesting, and do a good job of showing how much the HD cameras and other digital technology can free up a filmmaker quite a bit (did you know that the actors used rubber guns for the church shootout, and the gunfire and bullet marks were added later?). Robert Rodriguez even teaches you how to prepare Agent Sands' favorite pork dish!


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