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Greedy (1994)

Cast: Michael J. Fox, Kirk Douglas, Nancy Travis, more...
Director: Jonathan Lynn
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Studio: Universal Studios
Genre: Comedies, SNL Alums, Dysfunctional Families
Running Time: 113 min.
Languages: English, French
Subtitles: English, Spanish
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It's been said that nothing can bring two men closer together than a dollar placed between them, and a large family finds themselves becoming far closer than they'd like over several million dollars in this satiric comedy. Uncle Joe McTeague (Kirk Douglas) is an elderly man with a multi-million dollar fortune that he made in the scrap metal business and has no immediate heirs. While Joe has no children, he has plenty of relatives, most of whom don't really like him but want to curry his favor in hopes of inheriting his money when he dies (and Uncle Joe is just shrewd enough to know this). However, Uncle Joe has hired a "nurse," Molly Richardson (Olivia D'Abo), who considers modeling bikinis in Joe's Jacuzzi to be therapeutic. The family is afraid that Molly will end up with the lion's share of Joe's money after they've been bending over backwards to earn his approval, so they bring in a ringer. Daniel McTeague (Michael J. Fox) is one of the only members of the family that Uncle Joe actually likes; a professional bowler of no particular skill, Daniel is the son of the family's black sheep, a leftist activist who decided years ago and wanted nothing to do with Uncle Joe. But Joe has a soft spot for Daniel and his imitation of Jimmy Durante, so the family tracks him down and has him come to visit his uncle. The idea is that if Daniel can get on Uncle Joe's good side, he'll be rewarded in his will, and then Daniel will share his fortune with the rest of the family. So Daniel and his wife Robin (Nancy Travis) move to be closer to Uncle Joe, but Daniel soon discovers that he doesn't like his family much more than Uncle Joe does. Greedy also features Phil Hartman, Ed Begley, Jr., Bob Balaban, Jere Burns, and Kirsten Dunst as some of the venal members of the extended McTeague Family; incidentally, the name "McTeague" is a reference to the lead character in Erich von Stroheim's silent epic Greed. ~ Mark Deming, All Movie Guide

GreenCine Member Reviews

Greedy by DaMess August 22, 2005 - 2:17 AM PDT
2 out of 2 members found this review helpful
While researching the Robert Altman film version of Frank Norris novel 'McTeague' I came across this film. Although it seemed familiar I decided to watch it anyway. It turns out I had seen it and a second viewing showed there was good reason to forget about it-the film is just so formulaic and mean-spirited. Ganz and Mandel, the writing team behind some of -70's TV's most insipid shows and some of Hollywood's most disposable films ('Mr Saturday Night','Spies Like Us'and the terminally awful 'Forget Paris') bring us a morality tale that makes it seem as though its creators have lived in circumstances where morality is so twisted (Hollywood? Show business in general?)that even the lesson supposedly learned seems shallow and myopic. Some good performances by Michael J. Fox, Olivia D'Abo are wasted along with strong efforts from Phil Hartman and the usual phone-ins from Jere Burns and Ed Begley Jr. The great Kirk Douglas is almost a non-factor.
Despite the films title and its nod to Erich Von Stroheim's lost classic 'Greed', 'Greedy' bears no relation to either the Norris novel or Von Stroheim's film. It is one of the great injustices of the film world that this worthless film can be found on VHS and DVD while any complete prints of Von Stroheim's are lost to the world.

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