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Screamers (1995)

Cast: Michael Caloz, Michael Caloz, Sylvain Masse, more...
Director: Christian Duguay, Christian Duguay
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Studio: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Genre: Horror, Science Fiction , Slashers, Post-Apocalypse, Robots & Cyborgs, Killer Critters
Running Time: 108 min.
Languages: English, Spanish, French
Subtitles: English, Spanish, French
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This action-packed sci-fi thriller is set upon the planet Sirius 6B in the year 2078. The planet has been decimated by a vast nuclear war. Many have survived, but their continued survival is threatened by the dreaded screamers, strange shape-changing mechanical creatures who use razor sharp knives to hack up any life-form in their way. They earned their name because when they kill, they make a horrible high pitched sound. The first screamer makes its appearance as a lone soldier approaches a bunker. He has come to deliver an important message from the NEB to its enemy the Alliance. Unfortunately, the low flying screamer gets to the soldier first, and quicker than Popeil's Vegamatic, slices and dices the fellow into tiny pieces. Later a jet crashes near the bunker. Aboard it is a nuclear reactor. One man survives the crash. The man, Ace, knows how to make a bomb with the reactor. Alliance-leader Col. Joseph Hendricksson takes Ace and they travel across the great irradiated desert to met with the NEB leaders. Along the way they find a small boy and though they don't want to, bring him along. Unfortunately, by the time they get to the NEB headquarters, the screamers have killed all but Becker, a tough soldier, Ross, who is nearly mad, and sexy smuggler Jessica. When Becker and Ross see the boy, they think he is a screamer and kill him. They are right and soon the little group find themselves surrounded by the hellish killing machines, all of which have taken the shapes of small boys. ~ Sandra Brennan, All Movie Guide

GreenCine Member Reviews

Plenty of screams, plenty of groans by underdog February 12, 2003 - 2:59 PM PST
7 out of 7 members found this review helpful
What could have been a great B-movie horror/sci-flick is only a slightly above average one, due to an uneven (and often lazy) script and some less than stellar casting (except former RoboCop Peter Weller, who is solid). This low-budget Canadian movie *looks* surprisingly good however, and the premise, based on a Philip K Dick story, offers plenty of suspense and scares. Definitely worth a look for those seeking some mindless scares; just don't go looking for a lot of character depth.

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