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Ayane's High Kick back to product details

Grade B, but enjoyable
written by larbeck June 24, 2003 - 6:50 AM PDT
3 out of 5 members found this review helpful
This disc features:>
Excellent chapter stops
Meet the Cast - a short clip of each major characters from the show
Pure Fighting Impatient with character development, back story, and motivation? This feature take straight to the action with four clips, two each for the beginning and end of the two major fight sequence. Great if you are out of Ritilin.
Trailers for:
Demon City Shinjuku
Grapper Baki
Record of Lodoss War
"Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer"
Legend of Lemnear

With the exception of Legend of Lemnear, these are some of the worst anime trailers I have ever scenes and have made me want to avoid all of these. The transfer is either horrible or the source material has faded. Ugly and terribly edited.

Not a great anime but a fun one. It is a change as there is no fan service, no ecchi, no magic, no science fiction, and no end of the world. We have a spunky high school girl who is determined to become an All-Japan Pro Female Wrestler. After she blows the try out and is rejected, a somewhat shady character offers to train her. She pours her heart into it and is reward with her first match. But quit, this is not wrestling, this is kick boxing!

On the character design, Ayane will remind of Lina Inverse without the inferiority complex. Kind of cute but really kawaii. Now, badgirl Sakurako will make your tongue drop to the ground.

The English dub is an excellent example of why some people will tell you that anime is always better with subtitles. This is a sad thing, as Ayane is voiced by the great Debbie Rabbai, who did an excellent job as Aika Sumeragi in the "Agent Aika" series and decent work as Maze (in the daytime, when she was female) in the series "Maze of the Megaburst Space". But as Ayane is a senior in high school, I think she went overboard and make her too young and cutest. She is halfway to Usagiland with this role. Greg Wolfe as the trainer Kunimitsu is okay, i guess, but man, Flavio Romero deserves a nomination for the Worst Voice Actor Ever for his butchering of the role of Principal of this high school. Roxanne's Beck as Kayoko is good. She was the voice of Lum in Urusei Yatsura,, Wakaba from Revolutionary Girl Utena Jack Taylor's Vice Prinicipal need not be nominated he IS the Worst Voice Actor Ever. Ugh. You can choose subtitles with the English track which made it nice to compare the translations. I did watch it all, but some samples reveal it they same consistent with each other.

I like the music to this but I am sucker that ole J-rock and roll. The opening song is Fight for Yourself by the The Street Beats and the ending song is by a very kawaii Masako Miyamura called Aoi kaze no mukou ni.ogg One thing I hate about this disc is there are no subtitles at all for the songs. I prefer both romanji and English but we get nothing.

There are two 30 minutes episodes (minus commerical space) called

Round 1: I'm going to be a Pro Wrestler!
Round 2: The Nasty Ponytail!

Both soundtracks have the sound effects and dialogue at the center with the music in stereo. Typical cheap audio mix.

There is a nice little SuperD preview between the two rounds. Sweet and short.

The seiyuu are nowhere to be found for an English only reader. Nothing in the English credits, only the kanji in the opening (I guess, I read no Japanese). But thanks to Hitoshi Doi's Seiyuu database most wonderful voice actor) database I can tell you that

Mitsui Ayane is voiced by Yuko Miyamura You knew her as our favorite German redhead with attitude from Neon Genesis Evangelion, Asuka Langley Souryuu!!!! While she is still playing a redhead here, without that Asuka attitude, she is a totally different person. Man, she can act!

The badgirl Sakurako Miyagawa is voiced by Maria Kawamura had a small part in NGE as Asuka's mother.

Kayoko Nakajima is Kumiko Nishihara who was the Black Delmo Leader in Agent Aika Usagi's ever-suffering familiar, Diana in the Sailor Moon saga,

Furin Cha who was Thief #3 from the Slayers movie, has recovering from Lina Inverse's ass-kicking and become the high school principal who is a good supporter of Ayane.

This is DEFINITELY one to watch in Japanese with subtitles first. Still, this is not a top shelf anime. Very B-grade but enjoyable. While it has some great artwork, the animation for the most part is typical low budget anime with wooden scenes with only the lips moving and cels are looped and repeat throughout. The fight scenes are given special attention and there are some good effects with good but still jerky action. But it is realistic enough to remind me if why I hate boxing. This is brutal stuff. For this reason only, I would not gave it to a very young child. Parents, watch it yourself first.

It is nice to have an entire story on one disc. The video transfer is excellent and since there is a total of only 70 minutes or so, the bit rate most be high on the encoding.

In conclusion, not a bad anime, but not a great one either. But I would never buy it.


(Average 5.59)
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