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Doll Squad (1973)

Cast: Carol Terry, Carol Terry, Gustaf Unger, more...
Director: Ted V. Mikels, Ted V. Mikels
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Rating: Not Rated
Studio: Image Entertainment
Genre: Action
Running Time: 91 min.
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When a Cape Kennedy space mission is interrupted by terrorists, Senator Stockwell (John Carter) turns to a massive computer for an analyzed report of which secret agents to trust with the case. The electronic brain suggests the Doll Squad, a crack team of highly trained female spies who are as beautiful as they are deadly. Their leader, Sabrina Kincaid (Francine York), is sent to round up the girls, but there's a mole in the Senator's organization, and the first two agents she contacts are murdered. Intelligence reports reveal that the head of the terrorist operation is Eamon O'Reilly (Michael Ansara), an ex-government agent and Sabrina's former lover. O'Reilly sends a carrier pigeon to the Senator with instructions to send back secret nuclear weapon plans, and threatens national disaster if he refuses. The mole is rooted out and the location of O'Reilly's secret island hideout is discovered, so Sabrina rounds up the rest of the Doll Squad and the ladies charter a boat. Once on shore, the girls are kidnapped, and O'Reilly explains his nefarious plans to Sabrina: He is going to spread bubonic plague across the civilized world and rule what is left with supreme power. But if she so desires, he'll inoculate her with the antidote and she will reign by his side as Queen. The Doll Squad fights back, using an arsenal of secret weapons, plastic explosives, and their own seductive charms to defeat O'Reilly's henchmen and save the world. ~ Fred Beldin, All Movie Guide

GreenCine Member Reviews

Epitome of great, cheesy, B-Movie Making ala Ed Woods by RussMeyer January 31, 2004 - 3:07 PM PST
2 out of 3 members found this review helpful
I recently purchased this DVD, sight-unseen, as Tarantino mentioned it as being one of his influences for "Kill Bill Volume 1".

What I love about this movie is that it is so cheesy in dialog and plot that I absolutely love it. The DVD gets an extra bonus as it has commentary by Director Mikels (pronounced Michaels). He is great to listen to because he obviously doesn't take himself or this movie very seriously. I was expecting his commentary to be like, "I was hoping that the viewer would FEEL the energy if I framed the shot this way", or some shit like that. No he points out script in-continuities, bad acting, and in general, the silliness of it all.

The saving grace is that Tura Satana (Faster Pussycatt Kill Kill) is a member of the Doll Squad and as a bonus, she is included in the disc's special features, audio only, reflecting on the making of this movie.

If you love Ed Wood Style B Movies, you must watch this flick. 5 chicks saving the world from a mad scientist is too much to resist.

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