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Don't Go in the House back to product details

written by stypee July 25, 2004 - 10:40 AM PDT
2 out of 2 members found this review helpful
With misleading cover art you would think the "house" was possessed. It's just the opposite, it's the idiot who lives in the house your supposed to worry about. Donny works at the incinerator and is something of a professional pyromaniac. After his coworker catches fire and Donny stands there in shock and awe as the guy burns, we soon learn that Donny has problems. He hears voices, is obsessed with his abusive, yet, dead mother and likes to kill women.

I suppose the title implies not to go in when your invited because nothing happens unless Donny is there freaking out while voices tell him to do stuff. Eventually he goes on a killing spree with the pick up line "hey listen, I gotta' stop at my house first, do you mind?". He ties women up in this fire resistant room he created and burns them to death. After their all nice and crispy, he sits them in a chair and has conversations with them.

After he and a friend hang out at a disco to meet some really "great chicks, ya' know what I mean?" Donny again freaks out and ignites one of the women's hair on fire, turns out her brother happens to be there and now he's after poor Donny. Donny tries to get some education from the local priest about evil but fails miserably. Later on his friend saves the day by telling the priest the trouble his in with the hot chick's brother, he's a dead man! The plot thickens after both friend and priest visit the house. THEY SHOULDN'T HAVE GONE IN THERE!

Is it all worth it? Yes, the film is hysterically bad but gloriously fun to watch. Using the same cutaways over and over again, particularly when Donny's driving in his pick up truck as well as repetitive shots of a box of matches.

Let's not forget the dialogue which was probably written by a fourteen year old and the really funny disco and so-called rock music Donny enjoys listening too on his HI-FI.

The set design is minimal, yet the producers found a nice big house to shoot in and all the shots are mainly static. Acting isn't that bad and direction is what it could be for a super cheese-fest like this one. Basically, nothing is explained other than Donny's fascination with fire but we never really do know about the voices he keeps hearing. The ending, fairly predictable, funny and stupid to an extent ties on to another ending which is supposed to have a message. "Don't slap your kids around because it'll screw them up for life".

The transfer on the other hand is really awful but that only adds to the fun. It has the ambience of sitting in your car at a drive-in movie theatre, an exceptionally bad print to say the least and not even a menu option from the weird company that put the movie out in the first place.

Not at all a great film but a fun watch. Add this and have your own MSTK3000 night. Try not to get to spooked out by the burnt corpses and silly voices though.


(Average 4.81)
36 Votes
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