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Eaten Alive (1976)

Cast: Neville Brand, Mel Ferrer, Marilyn Burns, more...
Director: Tobe Hooper, Tobe Hooper
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Studio: Elite
Genre: Horror, Slashers, Killer Critters
Running Time: 89 min.
Languages: English
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Director Tobe Hooper's follow-up to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre presents yet another Southern-fried psycho (this time in Louisiana) in the form of a scripture-mumbling, one-legged cracker named Judd (Neville Brand). The proprietor of a seedy bayou inn, Judd keeps a pet gator in the nearby swamp, to which he frequently tosses the remains of his unfortunate victims -- including anyone who offends his delicate sensibilities. One such casualty is Harvey Wood (Mel Ferrer), arriving at Judd's hotel in search of his missing daughter... who, unbeknownst to her old man, has already met her own doom courtesy of the scythe-wielding madman. Other patrons include one of the most annoying families on record -- with Chainsaw veteran Marilyn Burns as the strangely-bewigged mom, William Finley as the browbeaten husband and future Halloween tyke Kyle Richards as the endlessly-shrieking daughter (whose adorable puppy becomes a light gator-snack). Nightmare on Elm Street fans can spot a young, pre-Freddy Robert Englund in a small role as a lecherous cracker. Originally titled Death Trap and known by many aliases, including Starlight Slaughter, Horror Hotel Massacre and Legend of the Bayou. ~ Cavett Binion, All Movie Guide

GreenCine Member Reviews

Not perfection, but a giant leap towards it by carlykristen November 17, 2003 - 12:48 PM PST
5 out of 5 members found this review helpful
The synopsis is wrong. The hotel guy is not sex-crazed. Actually, he is a little more interesting than that. Oddly enough, he likes to look at nudie pics, but kills a whore for being dirty. There are a few odd ball characters. Robert Englund (aka Freddy) is an obnoxious prick. There is a father in the movie that totally loses it and chases an eyeball that never fell out of his head and barks at his wife for no reason. There is also a young girl being tormented throughout the majority of the film with many near deaths, which is intersting since it is considered taboo to murder a child on film.

I did not see anyone with bad make-up. Actually the special effects were great. The blood was realistic and the sound effects were effective. They could have shot this in a big warehouse, but wouldn't know it since the lighting was fanatastic. Mostly reds and greens to convey dusk in the swamp.

As a matter of fact, the atmosphere is dreary and very reminiscent of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre he directed just 2 years prior. Not only does he use the same creepy sound effects, but he uses the same girl-tied-up-and-crying bit. Not close enough in appearance? That girl used here is Marilyn Burns, the same girl used in Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Hmmm.

I'm not sure what the problem is with having a shoe string budget as stated in the other review, when greatness is not measured by cash, but by talent. And Hooper definitely has it.

A solid 6. Recommended for fans of his other films.

"My name is Buck and I like to f-ck" (actual line from the movie) by metrobusdivos October 19, 2003 - 7:57 AM PDT
0 out of 5 members found this review helpful
The shoestring budget horror film to end all shoestring budget horror films, "Eaten Alive" is real trashy and pointless. Honestly, it is not scary in the slightest, minus some suspenseful chase scenes, and is really only worth it for one character with THE WORST MAKEUP JOB EVER. (You'll spot her right away.) Also, it is fairly funny at times. All in all, however, I would look elsewhere for late night horror escapades.

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