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Overman King Gainer: Exodus 1 back to product details

Refreshing and original
written by jross3 July 27, 2005 - 2:30 AM PDT
4 out of 4 members found this review helpful
King Gainer is one of the finest new Giant Robot animes to be released in recent memory. Eva looms in its historic throne, and Gundam is pouring out new series like they've spring a creative leak, and throw-away mechas of all colors (but painfully familiar style) litter the anime streets. But King Gainer is what few of these others are - an invigorating and original anime, one that does not take itself too seriously.

It's clear from the opening credits that this is not a very serious show - when giant robots are dancing like that, it would be hard to believe it were. But unlike many shows that are full of humor and parody, King Gainer is so well-made that it could be seen as a serious Big Robo anime and be very well received as such. Its numerous action sequences (both in person and in the Overman giant robots) are very nicely animated, with lots of very good details, such as the reflection of light and bullets off Gainer's glasses, and realistic sparks and smoke. Its robot fighting sequences are also highly inventive; King Gainer's "photon mat" (a ring-shaped field of energy that can apparently cut through anything) and the Overskill of the enemy mecha are very well-applied in the fights, giving a unique and original feel to the action.

Another thing that lets King Gainer stand apart from other Big Robo animes is its uniquely styled mech design - King Gainer's dreadlocks, which seem to be responsible for its photon mat ability, wave around during battle like Medusa's snakes. The enemy Overmen shown in this disc are also quite original, each with their own style and design.
The overall design of the show is quite superb. The characters are all as unique and varied as their costumes. Even the lower-grade Silhouette engines (which look more like typical mecha than the Overmen, but are shorter with a more practical tank-like design) look cool.

The premise, as well, is very unique. I can't count the number of world-domination plots thwarted by young people in big robots, but an Exodus from the self-imposed exile of humanity is a first for me. What sort of things will the moving city encounter on its exodus? Will they reach the rumored paradise called Yapan, and if they do will it be all they had hoped for? I'm looking forward to the answers to these questions. No matter how it ends, it's sure to be an entertaining and interesting journey.

written by DYerrington March 3, 2005 - 3:35 PM PST
2 out of 7 members found this review helpful
I couldn't even finish this one it was so bad.. Erratic dialog, poor character development, no integrity to any part of the plot and almost annoying form overall. Seems that none of the characters have any conviction for anything.. at least I don't believe them. Felt like everything didn't really have a good rhythm to how it progressed. At first it started out like:

"Hey! You play video games too well your going to jail."
[cut to jail cell]

"Do you want to escape?"

"Your name is my name too!"

[Follows the guy escaping.. for what reason!?]

"Lets steal this mech thing"


HORRIBLE! No form to any of the scenes. I know it's really your typical anime styled progression where you kind of dive into it then later the beginning is revealed but man I really felt like it was all too rushed. Bah I hate complaining. If you have a very low attention span and are gullible, I highly recommend this title.


(Average 6.33)
58 Votes
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