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The Trilogy (2002)

Cast: Catherine Frot, Catherine Frot, Ornella Muti, more...
Director: Lucas Belvaux, Lucas Belvaux
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Studio: Hart Sharp Video
Genre: Drama, Foreign, France, Crime, Comedies, Romantic Comedy
Languages: French
Subtitles: English
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The Trilogy: After Life (2002)
After Life is the third film in Lucas Belvaux's ambitious Trilogy, following On the Run, a thriller, and An Amazing Couple, a romantic comedy. After Life features the same characters as the other two films and happens over the same time period, but it's a melodrama, and the focus is on Pascal (Gilbert Melki), a cop, and his wife, Agnes (Dominique Blanc), a teacher, who is also a morphine addict. Agnes depends on Pascal to supply her with morphine, and he in turn has an arrangement to procure the drug from a nefarious local businessman, Jaquillat (Patrick Descamps). When a violent radical leftist, Bruno (Belvaux), escapes from prison and kills an associate of Jaquillat's, Jaquillat threatens to withhold Pascal's morphine supply until Bruno is dead. As his wife's mental and physical health deteriorates, Pascal feels compelled to subvert his moral qualms about turning the criminal over. His investigation leads him to detain Jeanne (Catherine Frot), a co-worker of Agnes' with past ties to Bruno. Cécile (Ornella Muti), another of Agnes' co-workers, begins to suspect that her husband, Alain (François Morel), is having an affair, and asks Pascal to look into it. Pascal finds his interest in the case is more than professional when he begins to develop feelings for Cécile. Meanwhile, Agnes, feeling neglected and desperate, goes out into the street to try to find her fix. She ends up running into Bruno, and the two forge an unlikely alliance. Belvaux's Trilogy was shown at the 2003 Tribeca Film Festival. ~ Josh Ralske, All Movie Guide

The Trilogy: An Amazing Couple (2002)
Un Couple Épatant (An Amazing Couple) is the second installment in the ambitious French-language trilogy directed by Belgian-born filmmaker Lucas Belvaux. Where the first film, Cavale (On the Run), was a film noir thriller, this sequel is a lighthearted romantic comedy in the style of a classic French farce. Schoolteacher Cecile Costes (Ornella Muti) is worried about her husband, Alain (François Morel). He's overly concerned with his physical health and well-being, so much so that he keeps his hospital appointments a secret from his wife. Thinking he's been having an affair, Cecile hires Pascal Manise (Gilbert Melki) to spy on him. Alain then starts to suspect Cecile of being unfaithful, even though he knows Pascal is married to her friend Agnes (Dominique Blanc). An Amazing Couple was following by the third installment in the trilogy, the melodrama Après la Vie (After Life). ~ Andrea LeVasseur, All Movie Guide

The Trilogy: On the Run (2002)
Inspired by Lawrence Durrell's collection of interrelated novels, The Alexandria Quartet, Lucas Belvaux's trilogy--the violent noir On the Run, the romantic comedy An Amazing Couple, and the melodrama After the Life, examine many of the same characters from three distinct perspectives. In On the Run, taciturn leftist revolutionary Bruno (Belvaux) escapes from prison with the help of one of his former comrades. When his partner is killed by the police, Bruno tracks down another former member of his gang, Jeanne (Catherine Frot), who is now living a quiet, respectable life as a schoolteacher, with a husband and a young son. Bruno is determined to get revenge on the powerful man who betrayed his revolution. Jeanne doesn't want to live in the past. She offers Bruno enough help to get rid of him. Trying to trap his prey, Bruno follows a drug dealer who works for the man. He meets Agnes (Dominique Blanc), a junkie who happens to be the wife of the cop, Pascal (Gilbert Melki) who's hunting Bruno. Bruno ends up helping Agnes avoid the police and cop a fix. In return, she takes him to the vacation home of her co-worker, Cecile (Ornella Muti), where he hides out. But when his plans for revenge go horribly awry, Bruno turns to Jeanne again, and she has to weigh her family's safety against her allegiance to her old friend. While On the Run focuses on Bruno and Jeanne, An Amazing Couple is centered on the paranoid Cecile, who hires Pascal to watch her husband, while After the Life deals with the damaged marriage of Agnes and Pascal. The trilogy was shown at the 2003 Tribeca Film Festival. ~ Josh Ralske, All Movie Guide

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The Trilogy: After Life (2002)
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8.00 (1 votes)
The Trilogy: An Amazing Couple (2002)
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6.00 (2 votes)
The Trilogy: On the Run (2002)
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8.00 (1 votes)

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