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Doggy Poo (2003)

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Rating: Not Rated
Studio: Central Park Media
Genre: Foreign, Kids, Korea, Animation, Cel
Running Time: 60 min.
Languages: English, Korean
Subtitles: English
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Recently Rented By greyotter

This offbeat animated short from Korean director Oh-Sung Kwon tells the story of a talking piece of canine excrement. Doggy Poo becomes forlorn when no one wants to be his friend on account of him being a mass of smelly waste. Luckily, things take a positive turn for the lonely protagonist when he encounters a dandelion sprout and an unlikely friendship blossoms between the two. Based on a 1968 children's book by Jung-Saeng Kwon, Doggy Poo was awarded the prize for Best Pilot at the 2003 Tokyo International Anime Fair and won the Viewer's Choice award at the 2003 Big Apple Anime Fest. ~ Matthew Tobey, All Movie Guide

GreenCine Member Reviews

Wonderful and wonderfully odd by dwilliams666 March 17, 2007 - 10:21 AM PDT
To MeerkatManor, yes, maybe you are "too American" - this is a delightful animated tale with a wonderful message - that being that no matter how lowly you are (and how lowly is "doggie poo"?) you can become something greater. In this case (spoiler alert!) doggie poo becomes a wish. You'll understand when you see the story. My kids (ages 4 and 5) loved this. They watched it like upteenth times. They laughed when ever Doggie Poo (cutest damn doggie poo you'll ever see) says "doggie poo" and about fell over during the chicken scene (not going to spoil that) - but at the end, they were mesmerized. Hate to admit it, but the ending almost brought tears to my eyes. Transcendental? Maybe.

It's just wrong by MeerkatManor October 11, 2004 - 2:04 PM PDT
4 out of 9 members found this review helpful
Do not show this to children. The "moral" does far more damage then good. The poo spends the majority of it's time crying. Many of the other characters are just cruel. The main message the story teaches is that it's worth giving up your life if some good can come from it. Call me "too American" if you wish, but it's not something I want any child to believe.

On the other hand if you want to get loaded and see a disturbing absurd (though slow paced) nut bar animation, this is the one.

"For everything, There's a reason for being..." by markhl March 28, 2004 - 3:26 PM PST
13 out of 14 members found this review helpful
Perhaps not the most well-constructed tagline however the title of this review (borrowed from the piece itself) aptly captures the message behind this unique piece of stop-motion animation from South Korea. Based on a well-known children's book (1968 Children's Literature Award Winner) by one of the most famous writers of this genre (Kwon Jung-Saeng), it is a beautifully detailed work that carries a warm message for children and adults alike. After all, even us "grown-ups" can use a nice reminder from time to time that we all have a place in this world. However, I fear that this animation won't be judged too well by the general public being a pure, gag-free work intended primarily for children. Parents of young children will find Doggy Poo to be a great piece for family viewing.

Perhaps due to some inexperience creating english dubs on the part of the korean studio involved (Itasca Studio Inc.), the dubbed version seem a bit more uneven and changes the tone of some characters detrimentally. This is especially the case for the "soil (poo)" character - you should be able to tell as soon as he says "dogie" in the familiar sense to the US audience. For the most part, the english subtitles are good so I'd recommend the korean audio version to hear the tone properly for this one. Being a less-than-feature-length piece, the DVD is loaded with some excellent extras. The best is the "Making of..." piece which shows the painstakingly precise and detailed work that stop-motion animation such as Doggy Poo actually is. Not being very familiar with this genre, I found it to be very educational to see how far past the crude, traditional "claymation" techniques (a la Gumby) stop-motion animation has come.

Although unfortunately not actually subtitled (either in the Music Video extra or in the piece), I'd recommend that the last thing you "watch" of Doggy Poo be the Music Video. And.. let the message of the music resonate deep inside you as the mail carrier drives the GC envelope away... I'll provide a rough, paraphrased translation of the main part of this song for those interested (this repeats in slight variation)

Please don't worry.. don't be disappointed
When that star is coming down far away

Don't cry and look straight
at the little stars that I hold in my hand

So I don't lose them easily..
So I don't lose them immediately..
Don't worry and try beliving
Please don't forget... my dream
My dream...

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