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Just for the Hell of It/The Blast-Off Girls (1967)

Cast: Dan Conway, Dan Conway, Steve White, more...
Director: Herschell Gordon Lewis, Herschell Gordon Lewis
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Rating: Not Rated
Studio: Image Entertainment
Genre: Drama
Running Time: 234 min.
Languages: English
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Boojie Baker (Dan Conway) is an unscrupulous rock band manager who loses the group he's handling when they confront him about his larcenous business dealings. Undeterred, the arrogant Baker picks out a new band: an unsuccessful group of guys on the verge of breaking up. He promises them wine and women as long as they provide the song, along with a 50 percent cut of the take. Renamed "The Big Blast" and outfitted in snazzy outfits, Baker guides them to success with the help of his stable of sexy young go-go girls, who seduce promoters and record executives, and stage elaborate Beatlemania-style scenes. Though The Big Blast hit the charts, they're frustrated by their lack of dough and attempt to go out on their own, which prompts Baker to arrange a phony pot bust to draw them back into his camp. But the band has imploded, fighting each other and unwilling to practice, so when Baker sets up an important network television appearance, disaster is imminent and the sinister manager gets his just desserts. Fried chicken entrepreneur Harland Sanders makes a brief cameo as himself in this sleazy look at rock & roll's seamy underbelly. ~ Fred Beldin, All Movie Guide

GreenCine Member Reviews

...the kicks, baby. by wes2666 September 28, 2004 - 10:34 PM PDT
1 out of 1 members found this review helpful
A youth-gone-wild double feature from the man who invented the gore film. Just for the Hell of It features a gang of hippy/anarchist/hedonist delinquents who are a terror to their suburb and to one particular square. The hoodlums run a well-diversified operation. Their mischief runs the gamut from food fights and the disruption of little league games all the way up to sexual assault and murder. It is neat to think that these bad kids are probably grandparents now.

Blast-off Girls is centered around a Svengali-like rock promoter (named Booji) who bends and shapes innocent garage bands into one-hit wonders. The film is curiously named after the group of interchangeable groupies that Booji uses to control his musicians as well as cops and politicians.

These films will be impossible to get through for some, but I find them interesting because they exist in an amoral universe where a day-glo sun shines down on garish polyester. They are unpredictable because they ignore, or are unaware of the basic rules of film narrative. The amateur actors don't play their roles consistently and therefore they don't telegraph their actions. You can be pretty sure you have spotted the hero when they will suddenly butcher someone senselessly or just wander out of the film. This is a technique that more skilled creators sometimes use deliberately (Orson Welles in Touch of Evil) but it is exciting even when it's a mistake.

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