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Return of Sabata (1969-1971)

Cast: Yul Brynner, Lee Van Cleef, Yul Brynner, more...
Director: Frank Kramer, Frank Kramer
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Studio: MGM
Genre: Westerns, Spaghetti Westerns
Languages: English, French
Subtitles: English, French
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Adios, Sabata (1970)
Adiós Sabata is rather odd entry in this spaghetti Western series. It continues the story of Sabata and boasts a plot that closely replicates the first film's key elements, from the cool and mysterious gunslinger hero down to the stunts, the gimmicky weapons, and the presence of a potentially traitorous sidekick for Sabata. However, Adiós Sabata introduces a new actor with an entirely different persona into the role of Sabata: Yul Brynner is as terse with his dialogue as Lee Van Cleef was in the first Sabata, but he brings a brooding, ominous undercurrent to the role that gives the film an added bit of tension. Thankfully, this tension between the familiar elements and Brynner's intense presence works in favor of Adiós Sabata instead of against it. Other highlights include a fun supporting performance from Pedro Sanchez as a mouthy revolutionary-turned-bandit and a rousing finale packed with plenty of stunts and gunplay. On the downside, Frank Kramer's direction, while stylish, is erratic in its pacing, and this leads to the occasional dull stretch, but the film's sense of color and lighthearted tone keep it from going off the rails. In short, Adiós Sabata might not be an obvious first choice for a spaghetti Western novice, but it is solid, engaging fare for someone already into the genre. ~ Donald Guarisco, All Movie Guide

Return of Sabata (1971)
In this spaghetti western, a quick-drawing, hard-riding granite faced, steel-eyed ex-Confederate soldier (Lee VanCleef) rides into a Texas town with the small travelling circus he works for as a stunt rider and bumps into a man who owes him $5,000. Wanting the money back, the vet decides to stay in town and it isn't long before he ends up embroiled in corruption and double-crosses as he fights to simultaneously save the townsfolk from the greedy, corrupt politician who runs the town and forces the residents to pay cripplingly high taxes and steal the crook's fortune. This is the third Sabata film and the second time VanCleef essayed the character. In the second film Adios Sabata, the title character was played by Yul Brynner. ~ Sandra Brennan, All Movie Guide

Sabata (1969)
Sabata (Lee Van Cleef) is an expressionless gunman who foils the attempt of the wealthy villain Stengel (Franco Ressel) to steal a shipment of gold from the U.S. Army. Sabata enlists the help of some colorful sidekicks when Stengel hires killers to exact revenge. Banjo (William Berger) is a happy troubadour hiding a rifle in the neck of his instrument. Carrincha (Pedro Sanchez) is the town drunk and an expert knife thrower. Alley Cat (Nick Jordon) pounces on unsuspecting victims from the tops of buildings. Sabata carries a derringer with a triple-bullet chamber and possesses a rifle with a firing range of 3,000 feet. The gang battles the hired gunmen and contends with the corrupt local magistrate Judge O'Hara (Gianni Rizzo) as the bodies pile up in this violent western. ~ Dan Pavlides, All Movie Guide

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Adios, Sabata (1970)
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7.17 (6 votes)
Return of Sabata (1971)
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6.50 (4 votes)
Sabata (1969)
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7.17 (6 votes)

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