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The Chinese Connection (Fist of Fury) (1972)

Cast: Bruce Lee, Nora Miao, Maria Yi, more...
Director: Lo Wei
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Studio: 20th Century Fox
Genre: Action, Foreign, Hong Kong, Martial Arts
Running Time: 107 min.
Languages: English
Subtitles: English
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This title is currently out of print.

One of the best action films starring the legendary Bruce Lee, this movie features the martial artist as Chen Chen, who returns to his former school in early 20th century Shanghai when he learns that his beloved instructor has been murdered. While probing the man's death and seeking vengeance, Chen discovers that a drug smuggling operation, a rival school, and simmering racial tensions between Chinese and Japanese locals are factors in the nefarious dealings at his alma mater and in his master's slaying. Chen's got his work cut out for him as he takes on assassins of both races, and even a towering Russian. Variously titled The Chinese Connection and The Iron Hand, Fist of Fury features stunt work by a young Jackie Chan (who served as Lee's double). The film was remade two and a half decades later as Fist of Legend (1999), with Jet Li in the role of Chen. ~ Karl Williams, All Movie Guide

GreenCine Member Reviews

Politically Conscious Kung Fu by JMVerville December 14, 2004 - 7:20 AM PST
1 out of 1 members found this review helpful
What makes this Kung Fu classic stand out a bit more is the entire basis for the film: a group of Japanese in Shanghai (probably during the Japanese occupation of this part of China) are abusing the Chinese locals, and insulting them greatly. Constantly referring to the Chinese (as a whole) as the 'sick men of Asia,' and even thinking them lower than dogs (as is shown in some of the scenes).

The entire basis of this Kung Fu film becomes a real reaction to the pain of discrimination and the hatred of a sense of racism that the Japanese dished out to the Chinese, and is based actually off of a real story that followed similar tones. What makes this film very special is the commitment that Bruce Lee has to defeating the Japanese whose goal is to crush the will of the Chinese -- a very accurate reflection of the sentiment that existed.

Overall, this is a very good film that was well done; it has a lot of the defects that films similar to its' genre have (having the grainy feel of Kung Fu films of its' time) but other than the typical, it really sets a standard for Kung Fu and film in general. One can see it, in many ways, as being a good basis for subsequent action and Kung Fu films. A lot of the things in this film were very original and very interesting -- overall, a must see film for anybody who enjoys Action, Kung Fu, or 'political resistance' so to speak. A film for the downtrodden striking back.

Bruce Lee is the only one who acts in this film by johnnyclock November 15, 2004 - 5:10 PM PST
1 out of 3 members found this review helpful
The version I got seemed to be dubbed English rather than original English. In any case, the acting was throughout atrocious with the signal exception of Mr. Lee himself. Everyone else behaved like wooden boards.
Of course Mr. Lee's fight scenes were worth the watching, if that's all you want in a film; but there is absolutely nothing and no one else in this film. The plot -- such as there is -- is terrible and self-contradictory over and over.
It was like poorly written sit-com.

Bruce Lee's Best Movie by justanotherpunk May 22, 2004 - 9:29 PM PDT
2 out of 2 members found this review helpful
Don't let anyone fool you, The Chinese Connection is by far Bruce Lee's best film and is light years ahead of the boring and uninspired Enter the Dragon. The martial arts choreography in the Chinese Connection can compete with even the best of Yuen Woo Ping and never before or after in a martial arts movie will you see a character yell and fight with the anger Bruce had during this movie. What makes this movie so attractive and great today is that it's a pleasant break from the acrobatic, pure-hearted Jet Li and the comedic antics of Jackie Chan.

So, for the best example of Bruce Lee's awesome talent and to simply just see a fighter on a path of revenge and killing everyone in his way, check this one out.

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