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Crash back to product details

It must appeal to me more than to many
written by Texan99 September 4, 2010 - 12:30 PM PDT
I approached this movie with some suspicion, expecting to be lectured to. Instead I found my heart broken several times over. This was a finely crafted ensemble piece with a surprising number of characters worth caring about. The damage that racism does in their lives is truly painful, and never quite what we expected. At the same time, it's not a cringefest; many characters find it within themselves to behave better than we expect them to, while others leave unexpected carnage in their wake. Someone complained that Sandra Bullock's tour de force was too brief. It was extremely brief, but exactly long enough. She was only one of many who gave first-rate performances in a fine movie.

written by rkangas March 7, 2007 - 11:04 AM PST
I enjoyed the movie, some of the plot threads were actually pretty good, but there were a lot of times where things felt forced to fit together for the sake of the movie. Like fitting a square peg into a round hole. It was enjoyable, but not movie of the year material.

This movie is a must see
written by WEverett February 11, 2007 - 12:14 PM PST
1 out of 2 members found this review helpful
I was upset as the movie unfolded after the clerk told me it was a great movie. Here I was watching a movie about anger, racism, and depressing life issues... the beauty of the movie is worth the wait as it comes crashing down around you for a spiraling incredible ending.

written by SGuilliams March 23, 2006 - 10:20 PM PST
13 out of 17 members found this review helpful
This is not a good movie. Not all black people are bad, not all white people are good, and there are many other movies that have already dealt with that pair of ideas with much greater nuance and depth. This movie is filled with characters who start one way, trusting or suspicious, and end suspicious or trusting. It is not a movie about races coming together--it's a movie with a lot of well-paid hollywood actors who got all their friends to vote it for best picture. It's filled with easy to predict twists as each character sees the light or turns to the dark, which doubtless satisfied middle America's desire to comprehend something just beneath the surface without actually being challenged.

what a freaking joke!!!
written by NDOTRONIC March 18, 2006 - 10:31 AM PST
6 out of 12 members found this review helpful
This film is as deserving of an academy award as much as an episode of Law & Order is deserving of an academy award. Seriously, there is nothing here I haven't seen while sitting at home vegetating to an excruciatingly long night of "must see TV". Don't get me started on the writing; it's plainly pretentious and full of itself, just unbelievably annoying. The soundtrack failed (as it was its intention) to sensitize me to the injustice and depressions of the characters. Boo hoo life it's so unfair whaaa. Oh and the characters, Jesus H. Christ I have never seen such characters that are just completely over the top ridiculous other than one of them Scary Movie flicks, (which is exactly what this movie feels like except on a less funny stance if that is even possible). Really do you think hard-ass carjackers are going to go around having intellectual talks right before "rolling up on mofo and jacking they sh*t". Yeah, I don't think so, trying to get me to buy that as creative writing is just a load of crap.

Are you f-in kidding me?
written by dropjohnson March 6, 2006 - 11:58 PM PST
11 out of 19 members found this review helpful
Crash is perhaps the worst choice for Best Picture in the 78 year history of the Academy Awards. It claims to have a writer-director but I believe that white, middle-class guilt found a conduit through which it could be transmogrified directly onto film. Pure trite trash. I haven't enough bile within me to properly depict my hatred for this self-important nonsense.

A Teaching Tale
written by beneluxboy December 7, 2005 - 12:02 AM PST
3 out of 7 members found this review helpful
I enjoyed the fact that this movie isn't fixated with any one of its capable actors and that the characters are not simply good or bad.

I agree with the assessment by reviewer Talltale that the film feels artificial-- at least, to some extent. I think that some allowance should be made, however; this isn't a drama meant to be wholly realistic in its events, but rather a parable to show the pervasiveness of racism across all types of people. Since this goal includes many types of characters in a short period of time, the script inevitably feels a little contrived.

I found parts of the movie intriguing, but as a whole, not greatly compelling. I also had a difficult time believing some decisions by the characters within the provided story. The soundtrack is beautiful, but the soaring and ethereal sounds generally made me think someone was trying to put over a sense of grandeur that I wasn't seeing in the story, which would've felt truer by being firmly grounded in a lower plane.

The Perfect L.A. Movie!
written by talltale August 30, 2005 - 12:33 PM PDT
14 out of 15 members found this review helpful
There are a few riveting scenes in the "LA-as-it-really-is" attempt known as CRASH, but mostly this ensemble piece stinks of a peculiar kind of high-flown sentimentality (check out the background music, if you have any doubt) that appears to be a hallmark of writer Paul Haggis--who has recently given us the hugely overrated "Million Dollar Baby" and now written AND directed this overlong, ambitious and underhandedly saccharine film.

This may actually be a perfect example of the Los Angeles movie: full of itself and fake to the bone. As is more and more often the case in these group-happenstance films, over-reliance on coincidence brings together the ensemble in ways that you can or can't guess but finally don't care much about because the "life" lessons here are so clearly forced on the characters. And while there are ironies aplenty, they call too much attention to themselves to be taken very seriously.

Early on, when you hear the "invisible cloak fairy" story and begin to wonder why the scene keeps plodding along past it sell-by date -- never fear. Soon enough, it'll come back to haunt you good and well. And the dialog, instead of achieving the reality it keeps attempting, comes out arty and just a notch off-key. You'll see many of your favorite actors giving their level best, but heck--what may have looked good on paper plays out in far too obvious a fashion.

The major studio "Million Dollar Baby" managed to gross over a hundred million, and the independent "Crash" is now well above the 50 million mark, so clearly there is a market of "sophisticates" out there just waiting to revel in stuff like this. Go ahead: rent, ooh, and aah to your heart's content.


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