"Every novice filmmaker aspires to have their first feature praised by their peers. If they're extremely fortunate, their earliest work will be embraced by critics and well-attended by audiences. Less often, their first feature will even be lauded with awards in their home country and abroad." remarks Jonathan Marlow of Florian Henckle von Donnersmarck whose remarkable new drama The Lives of Others has won several German Lola's and has been nominated by the Academy. Marlow had a chance to talk with Donnersmarck here in San Francisco.

And now the film, which won an Oscar for Best Foreign Film, is out on DVD.

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A little celebration called The Oscars happens every year in Hollywood, California or thereabouts.

Here are the winners for the 79th such ceremony.

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The much lauded film drama Babel has made it's way to DVD, so let's take the opportunity to revisit our interview with screenwriter Guillermo Arriaga. Michael Guillen spoke with Arriaga this past October.

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