Catching Up with Christoffer Boe

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You say you've just finished another movie. What's it called and what is it about?

Offscreen. It's in a very different kind of aesthetic direction. It's shot by the actor himself over a year. He has a video camera and he was shooting his whole life, with elements of fiction that I created and he would react to, but that's very much ending the trilogy about men and relationships. Reconstruction is the first look, Allegro is this relationship that's denied, it's stopped in the middle, and Offscreen is about this guy whose wife leaves him and he's just trying to deal with the fact that he's been left by his wife, whom he loves, and he slowly just goes insane, filming himself during the process, and we just follow him losing connection with his life.

Is there any hope that you will make a movie where love has a happy ending and we can feel warmed and good about it?

I don't know, because now I'm done with the love thing. With Offscreen, it's men pursuing love and having difficulties defining what love is and how they should react to it. Offscreen is the most explicit about it. It ends in a very violent tone, and for that it's going to be my final say on love. Now I'm able to move on, I think. In the maturing process of having done all these indulgent "I'm making a movie" movies, I have the task of just making a movie that's just a movie. It might be too boring, but I'll try. I've got to give it a shot.

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