New and Coming Releases: May 5, 2009.

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A Grin Without A Cat

Releases: 2009-05-05
Synopsis: From French director Chris Marker (LA JETÉE), A GRIN WITHOUT A CAT traces 10 years of leftist political history from 1967 to 1977. Documenting political upheaval, wars, and various national conflicts,... more>>>

Under the Bombs

Releases: 2009-05-05
Synopsis: During a cease-fire in the Lebanon-Israel conflict of 2006, a Christian taxi driver brings an untraditional Shiite woman from Beirut to the heart of the conflict in the country's south. While they sco... more>>>

Captive Factory Girls: The Violation

Releases: 2009-05-05
Synopsis: In Captive Factory Girls: The Violation (Kankin Kojo: Kyonyuu Joko-tachi no Bohatsu, 2005), a young woman named Natsumi (Ai Takeuchi) is forced into factory slave labor to repay a debt. The security c... more>>>

Clannad: Collection 2

Releases: 2009-05-05
Synopsis: Sometimes, something as simple as a chance encounter with a strange girl talking to herself can change your life forever. Alienated from his abusive father, Tomoya has been spiraling into delinquency ... more>>>

Giant Spider Invasion (Director's Cut)

Releases: 2009-05-05
Synopsis: Bill Rebane's backyard wonder is a hilariously hokey throwback to the giant-monster flicks of the 50s, while taking its only pseudo-scientific conceit from the mid-70s trend of popular "black hole" theories, combining these two elements to create pure bad-movie heaven. more>>>

Wendy and Lucy

Releases: 2009-05-05
Synopsis: Old Joy director Kelly Reichardt crafts this intimate tale of Wendy, an alienated Indiana woman who packs up her car and sets her sights on Alaska, but finds herself stranded in a small... more>>>

Last Chance Harvey

Releases: 2009-05-05
Synopsis: A disastrous trip to London proves to have a silver lining for a middle-aged American jingle writer in this romantic slice-of-life drama starring Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson. Harvey (... more>>>

Profit Motive and the Whispering Wind

Releases: 2009-05-05
Synopsis: Filmmaker John Gianvito explores America's rich history of progressive social protest by taking viewers on a tour of the gravestones and monuments dedicated to notable American rebels and leftists. As... more>>>

Ghost Slayers Ayashi, Pt. 2

Releases: 2009-05-05
Synopsis: During the spring of 1847 a procession of shogunate forces was dispatched to patrol the road leading to the Nikko shrine, final resting place of Ieyasu Tokugawa. Officially, the purpose of the patrols... more>>>

The Last Templar

Releases: 2009-05-05
Synopsis: A Manhattan archeologist teams with an FBI agent to uncover the buried secrets of the legendary Knights Templar in this romantic adventure mini-series starring Mira Sorvino and Scott Foley. Based on R... more>>>

End of the Line

Releases: 2009-05-05
Synopsis: A ride on the subway takes a woman to an unexpected and very dangerous place in this independent horror thriller from Canadian filmmaker Maurice Devereaux. Karen (Ilona Elkin) works as a nurse at a ps... more>>>

The 8th Plague

Releases: 2009-05-05
Synopsis: A desperate woman in search of her missing sister stumbles upon a terrifying secret in director Franklin Guerrero, Jr.'s atmospheric tale of impending doom. Laura's sister Nikki has gone missing, and ... more>>>

Darker Than Black, Vol. 4

Releases: 2009-05-05
Synopsis: A new and deadly breed of covert agent walks the streets. Known as Contractors, these assassins and spies wield bizarre supernatural powers to carry out the dirty work of others. One among these opera... more>>>

Just Another Love Story

Releases: 2009-05-05
Synopsis: Nightwatch director Ole Bornedal returns to quicken the pulse of thriller fans with this genre-bending tale of a crime scene photographer and family man who is violently shaken out of hi... more>>>

Mum and Dad

Releases: 2009-05-05
Synopsis: Stranded at work and with no hope of getting home, airport cleaning woman Lena accepts an invitation to spend the night with her perky colleague Birdie, only to find that her unusually close-knit fami... more>>>

Momma's Man

Releases: 2009-05-05
Synopsis: A grown man locked into an extended state of arrested adolescence returns to the nest while concocting a series of excuses as to why he cannot return to his wife and child in this existential comedy d... more>>>

Baccano, Vol. 3

Releases: 2009-05-05
Synopsis: The immortal gangsters are still trying to rub each other out, but hoods who won't die are tough to whack. Explosions rock the Flying Pussyfoot as the train nears the station, but this caper ain't abo... more>>>

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (Criterion)

Releases: 2009-05-05
Synopsis: David Fincher's The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, an adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's story, re-teams the director with... more>>>

Enchanted April

Releases: 2009-05-05
Synopsis: Previously filmed in 1935 with Ann Harding, Enchanted April, a romantic novel by Elizabeth, was remade in 1992. The first film skips along superficially at 66 minutes: the second, direc... more>>>

Ecoute le Temps

Releases: 2009-05-05
Synopsis: A young sound engineer whose mother has recently been murdered uses her expertise in audio to launch her own investigation into the case, only to find that the sounds of the past could prove key to so... more>>>


Releases: 2009-05-05
Synopsis: At times, it seems video surveillance is omnipresent in America, and Adam Rifkin (Underdog) spends the better part of two hours asserting just that in his fiction feature <a href="/webC... more>>>

Chandni Chowk to China

Releases: 2009-05-05
Synopsis: Kal Ho Naa Ho director Nikhil Advani takes the helm for this tale of mistaken identity concerning a chef who's confused for a dangerous martial arts expert. ~ Jason Buchanan, All Movie ... more>>>


Releases: 2009-05-05
Synopsis: A woman wrestles with grief, betrayal and redemption in this psychological drama from director Sharon Maguire. One afternoon, a young woman (Michelle Williams) sends her husband and young son off to s... more>>>


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