Film Crew's first riff: Hollywood After Dark

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Film Crew: Hollywood After Dark

Those wacky guys from Rifftrax (and Mystery Science Theater 3000), Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett, are at it again. Think of Film Crew as MST3K without the silhouettes and robots, but still chock full of snarky comments on bad, obscure films -- serving as a survival mechanism for both commenter and viewer.

They launch this new series with an odd but amusing choice: A trashy late 60s crime melodrama less film noir than film bore. But, hey! You get to see a young Rue McLanahan strip (in scenes both disturbing and painfully funny) and the Crew's commentary is mostly spot on hilarious. If their two skits aren't up to MST standards, the riffing definitely is. We look forward to the future installments! -- Craig Phillips

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